Top 4 Qualities of Effective Web Design

computersLearning how to design attractive, effective web pages is just like learning any other new skill. It requires a basic understanding of the primary elements.

Once you learn the basics of good web design, you can build on this knowledge and, combined with your experience and practice, begin to create better and better pages that reach a wider and wider audience.

The basics of top-quality web design fall into four categories: Layout, f0nts and typography, color, and images.

Web Design Miami – Layout

Layout refers to where the different elements of your website are located on your web page.

People have certain expectations when they arrive on any web page. They want to be able to navigate your page intuitively. If you try to get too fancy or creative with your web page layout, it can backfire on you.

It’s better to stick with the basics and give your page visitors what they expect.

Web Design Miami — Fonts and Typography

The type and size of the fonts you use on your web page are important. Make your text too large or too small and it can turn away visitors.

A good approach is to use standard fonts and standard sizes. If you aren’t sure what these are, visit the web page of your most successful competitor and use what they are using.

Web Design Miami – Color

The color of your web page generally needs to fit with your business or brand. If you have a logo, it’s usually smart to use those colors, or colors that are related or complement your standard colors.

Color is one of the most important factors in web design because it communicates with visitors on a non-verbal level.

Web Design Miami – Images

Images are arguably the most important element of your web page design. Try to choose images that are appealing but still communicate the purpose of your page.