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Pursuit of Belonging

Connect with Others

People long to connect, socialize, and belong. These next three archetypes help us to meet these needs. People with the need of belonging may be especially attracted to brands that help them connect with others. Some people have a stronger need for belonging, but all of us even when we try to hide this under the surface, have a desire to interact and be accepted by other human beings.

Everyman helps us to give value to all people, not just those who excel.

The Lover assists us in becoming attractive to others and also helps us develop abilities of emotional and physical intimacy.

The Joker inspires us to enjoy the moment, laugh and interact with others without worrying about what they may think

Rather than be concerned about having an impact on the world, explore or provide structure to others, these 3 archetypes may often ask the following questions: Am I attractive? Beautiful? Fun? Will people like me? Can I be part of a certain group and still be me? How do I obtain pure love? What do I have to change in order to better enjoy my life?

The majority of people are drawn to these archetypes. They watch reality TV shows and news to follow stories of passion and betrayal (Lover) or to laugh with a stand-up comedian (Joker) or to watch movies with Sandra Bullock where she is just a Regular Gal (Everyman).

We are living in times where social media and technology make it even harder for people to hang out as they did before, so they feel even more isolated. These archetypes promise to help satisfy repressed and unsatisfied needs.