Our purpose is to empower entrepreneurs to explore beyond and work smarter to reach financial independence, freedom and ultimately the time to live a fulfilling life.

One Stop Digital Agency

One Stop Digital Agency

You will have everything you need in just one place (Consulting, Analysis, Industry Research, Viability Study before any investment, Branding Strategy, Message & Design, Web Design, SEO, Google Ads, Google My Business – Maps, Reputation Management, Social Media Management, Email & Content Marketing, Automation, IT Support, Site Maintenance, Hosting, Server Administration, etc).

Reliability: Secure Investment

Reliability: Secure Investment

Since 2001: Years of experience
A team working for you: Consultants, analysts, marketing strategists, branding specialists, designers, developers, technicians, it and server admins.
In Person or Virtual Meetings: We are based in South Florida. We are familiar with the busy streets, nice beaches, traffic, seasonal crowds, popular malls, etc.

Neuromarketing Expertese

Neuromarketing Expertese

Emotional Intelligence: We trigger emotional and non-conscious responses: we all go through a journey of different emotions. Sometimes, we barely notice them. Yet, these feelings influence our behavior, such as what we choose to buy.
Archetype use: Your Brand Has A Soul – Make It Human with An Archetype – create loyalty, identification and connection between your client and your brand.


Perceived Value: More pricing potential
Sales: More inbound leads 
Increase your credibility and shortens your sales cycle
Authenticity: speak to humans, not titles
Define & enhance your core message
Be the authority in your niche
Keep your loyal customers

– UVP: You will be able to define your unique value proposition
– We will create a strong brand message that will be translated into a powerful visual identity (Logo redesigned if needed)
– New website with professional content
– Stationary Design and Printing
– Signs, wrapping, banners, trade shows branding
– Contract, Proposal, Presentations, Video Commercial, etc.

– More Incoming Leads
– Site on top of Google
– Higher Credibility with 5 stars reviews
– Software to stream reviews to the site
– Software to track leads and measure ROI
– Record calls for quality control
– Track Google Position Ranking in real time
– Social Media Insights & Analytics


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We are a Lead generation
& management agency

1. Know your audience

2. Prepare your brand to better connect with your ideal customer

3. Bring your business to a position of high visibility

4. Track and measure ROI to make improvements on initial strategy


Discovery: Through calls / meetings / questionnaires we learn more about who you are as a business and what  your goals are. We study and find your perfect audience, we analyze your competitors and the demand for your products and services in a given location.


Credibility: Our team work on finding the right archetype, to develop your brand personality, tone of voice, message, visual identity, stationary, website development, reputation management, etc. We provide workshops to align your employees with your brand new strategy in order to be genuine with brand promises and goals.


Visibility: We use our calculator to study the market viability and choose the right strategy for your business: Google Ads, Maps, SEO, Social Posts, Social Ads, Content & Email Marketing, etc.


Lead Management: With our 24/7 Live Reports we have the conversion rate in real time to measure ROI and check if the proposed strategies are working. If not, we have the time to make changes and improve. We review your phone calls, advise you how to train your sales team, and implement an instant call system so you they return calls within minutes. You can have all your leads inserted automatically into a Sales CRM  system that lets you follow up right away and continually track sales conversions.

Human to Human. Your customers are human beings before they are consumers. They all have emotions, aspirations, insecurities, fears, dreams…

Most digital agencies focus on visibility strategies, technology, coding, metrics, demographics and analytics, where the consumer is nothing more than a series of numbers and trends.


At Lytron, we believe this is not enough. It is time to humanize your brand strategy. We do use all the technological resources  available, but, our main competitive advantage is the use of neuromarketing (emotional intelligence) and archetypes (brand personality application).  We create loyalty, identification and connection between your consumer and your brand.  Lytron brings together emotions and technology to create a meaningful digital experience that brings conversion


What emotions is your brand evoking? If they find you on top of Google, will you be their last stop?

Our Brand Archetype

The Branding Archetypes  represent values, traits, and motivations that are intrinsic to human nature. They help your brand stand out from the crowd in a saturated market. Archetypes help brands to journey into their beginnings to remember places, people, original values, in order to find the why, the purpose behind what is being done.


We had BIG dreams and a lot of faith in God. Lytron grew out of passion for marketing, technology, art and the desire to help people. It was back in 2001 when Google was just a baby and there were no digital marketing colleges.


We didn’t plan much, it happened naturally as one customer begun to reference other, friends begun to ask us for help, and as their businesses experienced growth, they would bring us more customers.


Many businesses owners relate to our story, as their own businesses started out of passion or great talent. The archetype will connect you with your origins and will give you the ability to find the link that connects your audience’s passion with yours. Usually, when 2 people meet and talk the same language, they have immediate empathy.


Our brand archetype is the Explorer. It is the brand personality that best describes Lytron. As our ideal customer, we are risk takers, dreamers, hard workers, and we love to explore beyond, as technology and human behavior are always evolving.


We invite our customers to work smarter, and join forces with our team so we can analyze, prepare, position and measure your brand success.

Digital Advertising: Lytron’s Competitive Advantage

Traditional ad agencies may offer digital strategies to their clients, but the investment to create the brand message, which generates the emotional connection, is out of the reality of the small / medium business owner.


On the other hand, digital agencies usually cannot offer psychological strategies because they do not have the know-how in this area.


Although our main office is in Florida, we have served customers based on different countries and backgrounds. Working with multiple cultures has taught us that human unconscious behavior is cross cultural.


Lytron is a different digital agency. We use all the technological resources  available, allied to emotional intelligence. Just as a large ad agency, we create loyalty, identification and connection between the client and the brand.


Lytron brings emotion and technology to create the best digital advertising. This is our differential.

The explorer is always searching for the new. Never conforming with routine and traditional methods when they are not ideal. The explorer immerses himself in the journey while eagerly pursuing the destination.

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