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Starting as a family business in Boca Raton, Lytron has gradually evolved into a full service branding and marketing agency  serving clients locally and remotely.

Since 2001 Lytron has served
hundreds of businesses

Lytron’s founding partners were very young when they started the agency back in 2001. Technology was something they both really liked and at the time, business owners had no clue about internet marketing. Google was just a baby and digital marketing colleges didn’t exist. Uniting their business management studies, technology and the desire to help people succeed, Lytron was born.

Things happened naturally as one customer began to refer to another, friends asked for help, and as their businesses experienced growth, they would bring Lytron more customers.

The first paid site was developed for a real estate company who also asked them to design their realty magazine. A local community newspaper saw the work done on that magazine and asked them to start working with them as well on a monthly basis. Lytron got a free ad from both publications which brought a few more leads.

In 2008 they did SEO (search engine optimization) for their own eCommerce and started to experience a lot of sales. Excited about the new revenue, they shared the news with family and friends. People insisted for Lytron to accept them as SEO customers, which was denied. First we wanted to make sure we could replicate the success. So we tried SEO in another family business which received 10-15 leads per day. After testing more, they felt confident to offer the new service.

By doing SEO on Lytron, we became number one on Google using keywords with high monthly searches. New businesses found the agency. It was time to expand.

We are able to help people using technology and psychology.

The beauty of having leads coming to you, instead of you going after them, is that they come already mature, almost ready to close. At Lytron all we needed to do was to find qualified professionals that had the the same vision and passion. It was important to expand without losing the business culture.

In 2012 we started to implement the archetypes concept on our branding and sites.

In 2014 Lytron expanded to Hawaii. With low technology and competition, we were able to reach out to a new market.

In 2015 Lytron received the addition of new partners who helped us to better organize and grow. In 2017, we expanded to Europe.

In 2019 Lytron was invited to participate on a Digitalization Project funded by the European Union on Eindhoven, The Netherlands. One of our partners worked with the client for a month, providing consulting while our team back home could execute strategies to grow the Netherlands business internationally.

Better than being able to pursue our dream of having financial freedom to explore beyond, travel abroad, while working with what we love, is to be able to also provide this to our customers. We are always searching for tools and software to make things faster and more efficient. Doing things manually is not as accurate as doing it  automated but the balance is important. Although we use computers and data to make an analysis and execute strategies, we also use emotional intelligence by studying the human behavior and applying psychology to convert leads into sale. At the end, the artificial intelligence will bring the customer to your door, but it is the emotional intelligence that will be able to close the deal.

Our Brand Name

We wanted a strong name to represent the agency, something meaningful; so, we got a Greek dictionary and found the name LYTRON. It means redeemer, the one who pays the price to bring back someone from hardships. Sometimes this can be debt, lack of hope and direction, captivity, fatigue, etc.

We wanted to inspire, encourage and empower people. Behind every CEO, there is a human being with dreams, desires and aspirations. Throughout the years we’ve learned to nurture a culture of honor and respect, inside with our team, and outside towards our customers.

Our team from different religious backgrounds is constantly witnessing and experiencing God’s blessing over Lytron, knowing He is in the business with us and He is the One we consult on every major step. Before we have a commitment to people, we really try hard to be genuine in our commitment to God. Lytron is not a religious agency, but we nurture our relationship with God allowing Him to bring freedom, destiny, vision, purpose, meaning and growth to us and the ones we do business with.

We respect and don’t discuss religion with anyone, but we provide, whenever possible, words of faith and encouragement, as we believe nothing is impossible when the Redeemer, Jesus, takes control. Be believe true blessings come from Him.

On our site and social posts visitors can see our approach to important themes such as faith, soul, spirituality, freedom, exploring outdoors, family, etc. As a brand, we are careful to be truly authentic and connected to our roots. We do feel we have a different business model and this empower us to challenge and inspire our customers and friends to work smarter, automate tasks but at the same time prioritize people, as they are the reason businesses exist.

# Symbol and Colors

Our logo is a chat bubble and a hashtag both representing digital communication and connectivity. It’s simple, clean and it makes use of the explorer archetype, which creates a connection between our customers and us.

Our ideal client is the risk taker, adventurous, the one that fears but goes ahead anyway. We tend to inspire and empower our customers with our vision, mission and purpose.

By forming strong relationships with our clients, we are able to understand, advise and achieve results through an effective digital communication strategy.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are weak. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world … As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

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