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Diagnostic. Prescription. Treatment. Follow Up.

  • Have you ever went to a doctor consultation and received a surgery recommendation without any examination?
  • Have you ever went to an auto mechanic and were told to change something before fully checking the vehicle?
  • What about talking to a consulting agency and receiving a proposal with services description, scope and prices without understanding your goals, pain points, and challenges?

In what stage are you at?

1. You work hard day and night. You work more hours than your employees, but don’t have time to invest on your business growth.
2. You have a vision, goals and tried things that didn’t work and you don’t know why.
3. You are growing already but need to develop a stronger brand image to help you to better connect with your audience.


Where are you strugling?

At Lytron we focus on the buyer’s journey, creating a sales funnel with solutions to help you engage your ideal client every step of the way.
We see the big picture as we draft a unique strategic plan for each customer.

Our team is specialized on Business, Brand and Digital Marketing Strategies, not only providing consulting, but most importantly, being able to implement all the recommended steps, providing business growth through lead generation,

buyers journey 360

It takes a team to win

Without a strategic plan you may have good players but if they don’t know how to play together you won’t score.
You need a 5 star team and a head coach to win big.

The head coach positions the players in the right place and time, analyzing the opponent team weakness and strengths to create a vision for the game and draft a strategy considering all the players. It needs constantly attention and analysis to be able to quickly change strategies when needed.

In order to grow your business, you need to become a brand (unique and differentiated) and work with a strategic plan to increase your visibility (to attract your ideal customer), strength your credibility (show your competitive advantages and reputation), analyze results and implement improvements.

You may have good quality ingredients, but if they don’t follow a recipe you won’t be able to produce that cake.

4 steps methodology

Strategies aligned with Your Sales Funnel

Strategic Branding

Many agencies design well. They can create a beautiful logo for your business and a nice site with printing materials.  But brand strategy is what you need in order to grow a purposeful business with clarity to cut through the noise while delivering a clear message that is results driven.

Your LOGO is not your BRAND

Difference between internal and external brand expressions

brand strategy vs brand identity 1
brand strategy 2

Software, System Automation and Apps to Boost your growth

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We listen to calls, read call transcripts,  learn what clients are saying and try to learn
from you and from these calls what we can do to improve our strategies constantly.

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reports results

We help you to analyze and improve your marketing mix in
order to help you attract, keep and multiply sales opportunities.

Digital Transformation:
We assist you on managing your business digitally and efficiently through
project management, billing, email, sales CRM, team management, etc.