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WELCOME TO LYTRON! Big Brands pay Ad Agencies to create emotionally engaging campaigns. Startup and Small Businesses usually don’t know anything about emotional intelligence in marketing. Unfortunately, most of their brand strategies focus solely on rational factors.

At Lytron, your local business, here in Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton, can afford an emotional strategy. We believe in the memory of a feeling, appealing directly to the emotional state, needs and aspirations of your target audience. We create messages that will evoke a reaction and change moods. Real people may not always remember products & services, but they will remember how they felt about your brand. This is emotional intelligence.

Since 2001, Lytron has served hundreds of small businesses. Let’s find your voice, build trust, automate your business and make your phone ring.
We would feel honored to go on this journey with you!


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