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Florida SEO

Florida SEO Experts: Increase your visibility. Be on Top of Google

– Watch some of our SEO Case Studies

– Viability Study Available and Recommended (Check ROI projection before making investments)

– Results Driven with 24/7 Live Reports

– Spy on Your Competitors and Make their Ceiling Your Floor

– Invest in the right keywords and be found

– Customers are searching on Google for your products and services, but finding your competitors instead. Flip the game.

– Get more leads, increase your ROI.

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We were funded in 2001
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Florida SEO Implementation Steps

Step 1

The better you understand your target market and how they search online, the more closely you’ll be able to focus on what will make your business grow, so we can work only to reach the audience most likely to convert into customers. As your depth of audience insight grows, you’ll start to see higher conversion rates and better ROI—key metrics that matter to all marketers (and marketing bosses).

This stage involves analysis, link structure, code, navigation and content of the website. This phase also includes analyzing your competitors on Google and a comparative report.

Step 2

We research your geographic location, industry and competition. We analyze which keywords your potential customers are using to search for you. The research phase will determine whether or not there is a market of sufficient size and profit potential to justify a business investment. We will also determine what is the best marketing strategy for your business.

Step 3

We work to better optimize our clients’ sites (seo). We bring traffic to your site.
The site is built or adapted by our team of designers and developers. Maximize your potential to win clients and beat the competition. We focus on content optimization through keyword incorporation, anchor text and interlinking.


Code is like the CORE of the website. Our SEO experts analyze the code and rewrite the title tag, description tag, images, alt tags, and more to ensure they are search engine optimized and search engine friendly.

Step 4

Search engines treat links as votes for popularity and importance. Our job is to get smart links from content marketing. We build content throughout the web (videos, social media, web 2.0, photos, slideshows, etc.) and we link them to your site.


Our systems measure our effectiveness 24/7. Clients receive usernames and passwords to track their ranking position on google, their visitors, and even the number of calls received, through a live report. Lytron commitment: we will only work with a limited number of clients per industry & location.

Lytron Florida SEO Packages

Main Keywords 5 5 10
Bonus Keywords (added as campaign progresses)
Landing Page for Each Main Keyword 5 Pages 5 Pages 10 Pages
Keyword research and analysis
Competition Analysis
Initial Backlinks analysis
SEO Deep Audit (Errors site wide)
Mobile Usability Check
Blog Connection
Social Media Integration
Meta Tag Optimization
Alt Tag Optimization
Heading Tags Optimization
Internal Link Structuring & Optimization
24/7 Ranking Reports
24/7 Call Tracking Reports
Sitemap XML Generation
Sitemap for Visitors
Robots.txt Creation/Analysis
Analytics Integration
Webmaster Integration
Google My Business / Maps (Account Creation, Design and Verification)
Google My Business (Maps Optimization)
Content Syndication & Link Building (Broadcast of new content)
Content Writing / Monthly Articles 2 4
Pages and Posts Optimization 20 40
On Page Monthly Copy Edit 5 10
Submission to online business directories 50 100
Creation & optimization of social media profiles (Facebook, Google+, Twitter)
Design of Covers for Social Media Profile (Facebook, Google+, Twitter)
Social Bookmarking
Photo Sharing
Video Creation
Slideshow Creation
Docs Creation
Web 2.0 Content Creation
E-book Submission
Ongoing monitoring _
24/7 Reports _
Conference Call with Marketing Analyst
Meeting with Marketing Analyst Every 60 days Every 30 days

We are a TEAM working for
YOU against your competitors

Marketing Manager + Marketing Analyst + SEO Experts + Copywriters + Link Builders + Video Editor + Local Directories Submitter + Developer + Web Designers + Google Ads Specialist + Social Media Expert + Support Technicians + Server Admins + Licensed Software, System & Tools

Driven By Results

Your local Florida business needs SEO to get  more SALES and ROI.

We all want to be able to hire more employees, have a great cash flow, and enjoy life with family.

You heard about SEO, but you want to make sure you won’t have another marketing cost. You need to invest your money where it gives you the highest return of your investment.

Where do you go when you need something? You search on Google.

Your customers are online searching for YOUR services, but hiring YOUR COMPETITORS instead!

Get positioned on top of GOOGLE, flip the game and increase your sales.

OUR team will be YOUR team and we’ll honor the fact you chose us.

What makes us unique:

Too many options? At Lytron, one of our Unique Competitive Advantage is the fact that we are a Marketing & Branding Agency.

Being on top is basic, but not enough. We use Neuromarketing (emotional intelligence) to help your customers find and choose you. By adding branding strategies, you will be the authority in your field, as we will help you to translate your expertise into a appealing visual and brand message.

We are specialized in Google Ads, Google Maps, Social Media Management, Email, Chat Automation, and more. Having other campaigns will help your SEO, as it will help bring more traffic to your site. A good brand image along with a powerful message will help to reduce visitors bounce rate, which helps your Florida SEO.

We also optimize your page for speed and keep a high speed server so your users can load your page faster than usual.