Why Is Your Business Special?

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lytron consulting agency 3

Every business has something about it that is unique. If you can identify what your distinctive selling point is, you can differentiate yourself from your competitors in your branding and in the marketplace.

You probably know what makes your business special. After all, you are the author of your own story. But to communicate that exceptional quality in exceptional and meaningful ways, businesses often need to rely on professionals — like the marketing and branding experts at Lytron Web Design.

Giving that Extra Push

In digital marketing, most of the time people visiting your website landed there because they already were actively looking for products or services like the ones offered by your business. So by getting them to click on your web pages, you’ve already completed three-quarters of the task. All they need is a little “extra push” to commit to your Call to Action (CTA) — whether that’s buying something, giving you their contact information, or whatever other action you page visitors to take.

Lytron Web Design can help by highlighting and featuring your business’s unique selling point, whatever it is that sets you apart from direct competitors in your market. Plus, we can do that in ways that reach people on an emotional level, whether it’s through the written word, images, website design, or all of the above.

Lytron Web Design

Nobody knows better than you why people should choose your business. Lytron design knows how to use that selling point to connect with online customers who already want what you are offering but simply need that extra push.

Together, we can achieve great things for your business. Contact our web design experts today to get started collaborating on websites, branding, and other strategies that showcase your business’s unique qualities and put you at the top of your market.

Pick a Color Scheme and Stick with It

archetypes site 1

archetypes site 1

There are a lot of things that go into making a successful website, including unique design, well-written content, and engaging images. But one of the most important is also one of the most basic: The main color scheme.

Choosing the right colors for your website depends on a lot of different factor such as emotional response, previous branding, and the image you are trying to project with your business web pages. So picking a color scheme is a big decision. But once you do, it’s critically important that you keep mostly the same colors throughout all of your web pages and even real-world marketing materials.

Colors and Branding

Your unique color scheme is as much a part of your business branding as your logo, your catchphrase, or even your corporate mascot if you have one. People will become accustomed to your color scheme and even comfortable with it. Over time, when they see your specific colors, they will instantly think of your business — either consciously or subconsciously.

That’s why it’s so important to be consistent with the use of your colors once you choose them. When people see the same colors on your website as they do on your packaging, print advertising, and even on your broadcast commercials, it continually reinforces your brand in their minds, building permanent familiarity with your brand.

Colors Matter

So, picking the colors that best represent your branding message is very important. At Lytron Web Design, our experienced web builders can recommend colors that best reflect the messaging you are striving to communicate with your customers or clients.

We have helped dozens of businesses create memorable, inviting, and successful brands by choosing the best colors, using them consistently throughout their branding, and genuinely engaging people with a positive projected message that promotes their products or services.


Your ‘Call to Action’ Needs to Be Clear and Obvious



Business websites don’t exist in a vacuum. They serve a specific purpose. That purpose needs to be immediately obvious and evident to people who click on your website.

Known as the “Call to Action” — or “CTA” for short — it’s the entire reason your business’s website exists. It’s what you want people to do when they arrive there, whether its to buy your products or services, gain knowledge about your brand and business, or simply sign up to receive further marketing messages in the future.

What Companies Want

Not all websites are simply online catalogs where people can click to buy particular products or sign up for specific services. In many instances, business websites are simply promoting a brand, educating the consumer on the company’s values, or setting the stage for a long-term relationship with page visitors.

Yet whatever the purpose of your particular website, its content needs to clearly steer visitors to the particular action you want them to take. In many instances, this is to enter their email address and/or phone number. Data capture like this offers an opportunity for your business to continue to market to that particular customer long into the future. And it likely will be effective because that person not only landed on your website while looking online for something specific but gladly handed over their contact information, in effect inviting you to continue to market your branding, products or service to them.

Clear and Obvious

Through content, images, and even website architecture, skilled web designers can make your web page’s CTA clear and obvious so that even the most casual visitor will be gently nudged toward the action you want them to take.

In today’s digitally dominant environment, businesses spend a lot of time, money, and effort on their websites. Shouldn’t they serve exactly the purpose you want them to serve?

‘Embracing an Era’ Offers Helpful Branding Strategy

One of the most popular branding strategies today is known as “embracing an era”. This is when companies try to associate their products or services with a particular point in time.

What era you embrace depends on the branding message you are trying to project. The era could be as recent as the early 2000s or as distant as the Roaring ’20s. The idea is to take your prospective customers back to a simpler time that is associated with happier memories and events, offering a temporary escape for people through the products or services your business offers.

Top to Bottom Branding

When you choose to embrace a particular era, nearly every aspect of your business can reinforce this decision, from advertising to decor, even to the fonts you use on your signage or marketing materials. For example, an ice cream store may choose to commemorate the Victorian Era with employees wearing costumes from that era.

Or a business seeking to link its branding with the 1970s might use thick and curvy fonts and neon colors in its signage and advertising. Larger companies might license music from a particular era or use celebrities famous during a particular decade to be their spokespersons.

Nostalgic and Fun

Associating a particular era with your business injects a bit of nostalgia into your branding while making it fun for people to interact with your products or services. By including references to a particular era in your branding, you can create instant connections with people that serve as a sort of shorthand for your specific message — whether it’s the buttoned-down “Mad Men” era of the early 1960s or the patriotic preppiness of the 1980s.

With today’s world becoming increasing complicated, associating your branding with a past era lets customers escape into a time that was simpler and more familiar.

Social Media Is Addictive … and That’s Good for Your Business!

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lytron fort lauderdale strategic agency

You may have noticed in recent years that you are spending more and more time on your smartphone. And it’s not texting with loved ones or checking the latest sports scores.

Social media platforms like Twitter, Snapchat, and especially TikTok have become more addictive. And that’s not an accident. The people that own these big platforms spend a lot of time and energy working to make them practically impossible to put down. And their success can be good for your business.

Advertising Platforms

One apps like TikTok and Instagram, people can scroll through hundreds of short videos every hour without ever putting down their smartphones. That’s because these videos are digitally engineered to provide exactly the type of content that most appeals to that specific viewer.

The algorithms that run these sites keep track of what content you like, which videos you spend the most time watching, and which ones you share with other people. This information is then collated, analyzed, and used to keep reinforcing your feed with more and more content that it “knows” you are going to enjoy. As a result, once you start, it’s practically impossible to stop watching.

While that may be bad for your eyeballs — not to mention your productivity — it actually can be great for your business. That’s because these platforms essentially are free for users but come stocked with lots and lots of advertising. And these ads are pinpoint-focused the same way the content is.

Your Ad Here

So when you focus your digital marketing budget on streaming apps like TikTok and Instagram, you can get more for your money because your ads will only go to people who already are predisposed to want the kind of products and services your business offers.

Social media is changing the way businesses reach customers. By getting onboard now, you can grow your business while harnessing one of the greatest marketing tools every built.

To Improve Your Website, Check Out Your Competitors

Competitive research has always been an important part of business marketing. You have to know what other businesses like yours within your geographic area are doing in order to compete. And when you see a good idea on a rival’s website, it’s okay to adopt it as your own.

Not only that, but it’s also a good idea to reach out to your competitors and build relationships with them so you can learn from their experience and share your own within your common industry. Business isn’t war and your competitors aren’t your enemy. There’s plenty of business to go around and having a relationship with people who work in the same field as you is always rewarding.

Good Business

It’s a good idea to allocate at least part of your work week to competitive analysis. This includes networking with owners of competing businesses.

Start by going online and doing a simple search for businesses like yours within your community. Then visit their websites and see what they do similar to you, what they do differently, and what “works” and what doesn’t.

But competitive research isn’t all done online. When you have time, get in your car and drive over to your competitor’s physical location. Look around. Talk to their employees. Then introduce yourself to the owner. Don’t hide the fact that you own a competing business. Using subterfuge and deception will only cause hard feelings. Instead, offer your friendship and show a genuine interest in their lives. It’s possible to be both friends and competitors.

Best Practices

When you find something your competitors are doing better than you, take it and make it your own. It’s perfectly ethical to use other people’s good ideas to make your business better. Remember, the goal isn’t to reinvent the wheel. It’s simply to be better.

Competitive research is a great way to improve your understanding of your market and build your business bigger, stronger, and better.


Be the Face of Your Business

One of the most powerful marketing tools is the power of personality. When customers can put a face with a business, it instantly creates a loyalty bond that can result in increased trust, more familiarity, and repeat visits to your business website.

Who better to represent your business online than you? Nobody knows better about what your customers want, what solutions your business has to offer, and how you can connect the two through your products and services. So why not make you the face of your business in your online branding?

Person to Person

Some of the most successful marketing campaigns of all time were centered on a single person. Dave Matthews single-handedly put his fast food franchise, Wendy’s, in the public consciousness by personally appearing in his own restaurant chain’s commercials. Frank Perdue did essentially the same thing with his family’s chicken business.

When you put yourself out there as the face of your business, it instantly gives prospective clients somebody with whom they can make meaningful connections. People are much more likely to trust a real person than they are a logo, a mascot, or a trademark.

Lytron Strategic

Lytron Strategic can craft an online campaign that puts you front and center. Your image can be featured on your web pages, in your marketing materials, and even in your direct messaging to customers old and new.

People want to put a face with a business. When they feel as if they know you, they are much more likely to trust you and buy the products and services you are offering. By making yourself the face of your business, you can attract new customers while reinforcing trust bonds with existing ones.

Let Lytron Strategic share your story to inspire people, create genuine trust connections with customers, and take your online marketing to the next level.

Keeping Your Websites Fresh

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Websites Fresh

Websites aren’t a “one and done” proposition. To keep visitors engaged, they need to be updated, refreshed, and even redesigned every couple of years.

Website fatigue can be a real challenge for commercial websites. When people return to your business’s pages again and again, they become overly familiar with your websites. And as the old saying goes, “Familiarity breeds contempt”. To keep customers coming back again and again, it’s critical that you keep your website fresh, engaging, and interesting over multiple visits.

Refreshing Websites

Think back on your own experiences. The elements that you found exciting and inviting on your favorite websites quickly became tiresome and trite after repeated visits. The same images, colors, designs, and content quickly can become stale, unappealing, and even repellent.

Visitors to your web pages can have the same experience if you aren’t constantly refreshing, tweaking, and improving your business’s web pages. You want people to come back over and over again but you don’t want them to become bored or dismissive of your websites. The solution is to continually improve your online presence with the help of Lytron Web Design.

Lytron Web Design

At Lytron Web Design, our experienced professional web coders have the skills, tools, and knowledge to keep your web pages engaging for visitors regardless of how many times they click on your business websites. We continually monitor, update, and improve your online offering so that it is appealing and engaging to visitors old and new alike.

Don’t let an old, boring website turn customers away. To be successful in online marketing, you need to be innovative, proactive, and keenly aware of your page visitors’ expectations. With Lytron Web Design constantly updating and improving your web pages, you can instill the same delight and excitement visitors had the first time they clicked on your pages every time they visit your online business.

Branding Is More than a Logo

expert analysis 2

expert analysis 2

To people outside of marketing, a company’s “branding” simply means its logo or possibly its mascot. When you think of Frosted Flakes, you envision Tony the Tiger, right? So that must be the cereal’s branding.

In reality, a lot more goes into developing a branding strategy than simply a company mascot or a logo, such as Coca-Cola’s distinctive script. A branding strategy is actually as a holistic approach that determines how a business builds identification and favorability with existing and potential customers. The logo or mascot is the “face” of that strategy but there’s usually a lot more going on below the surface.

Branding Elements

So successful brands have a number of different things going on at the same time. These can include things like voice, storytelling, brand identity, brand values, and offering a new and original “vibe”. Marketing professionals spend a lot of time thinking “inside the box” when it comes to keeping their branding consistent, but also “outside the box” in order to offer new and creative takes on familiar feelings related to that brand.

Consistency is the key when developing a brand. For example, Starbucks has done an excellent job creating a linear vibe when it comes to developing its branding for its gourmet coffee chain. From the cups to the people making drinks to the in-store decor to the advertising, the Starbucks brand is familiar, comfortable, and inviting — and it keeps people coming back again and again.

Your Brand

At Lytron Strategic, our goal is to collaborate with you to define and develop your business’s specific brand and then come up with new and creative ways to reinforce it with your current and future customers so you can build your physical business and online reputation.

There’s so much more to the story than just your logo or company mascot. Let’s figure it out together.

Learn from Other People’s Mistakes …

20 years lytron 3

20 years lytron 3

Developing effective web traffic or online campaigns for your small business can be a case of trial and error: Other people’s trials and other business websites’ errors!

You likely are going to make plenty of as you go along. But you can minimize your blunders and maximize your success by learning from other people’s mistakes rather than tripping over your own feet all the time.

Look and Learn

Spending time developing and improving your business’s digital presence is an important element of your development. But you also should spend time looking at what your competitors are doing and learning from what they do poorly. It’s also fair game to see what they do well and take it for your own.

Every time you go online, it’s an opportunity to learn something that can improve your business’s website or campaigns. Keep a notebook nearby so you can keep track of what you learn. There’s always something you can find that can make your sites better — whether it’s poor choices your competitors made or something smart that you can steal and implement for your business.

Lytron Web Design

At Lytron Web  Design, we spend a lot of time and energy looking at other people’s websites. In fact, that’s where we get some of our best ideas for improving your business’s online campaigns and digital reputation. Constantly being aware of what other people are doing is the best way to learn new things, find exciting new ways to promote your products and services, and get to understand what customers truly want from your business.

Although it’s been around for a while, the web is still in its infancy. So every day holds new discoveries that business owners can use to improve their performance and reputation. Life is a learning experience and the closer you pay attention, the better you can make your website.