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You may have noticed in recent years that you are spending more and more time on your smartphone. And it’s not texting with loved ones or checking the latest sports scores.

Social media platforms like Twitter, Snapchat, and especially TikTok have become more addictive. And that’s not an accident. The people that own these big platforms spend a lot of time and energy working to make them practically impossible to put down. And their success can be good for your business.

Advertising Platforms

One apps like TikTok and Instagram, people can scroll through hundreds of short videos every hour without ever putting down their smartphones. That’s because these videos are digitally engineered to provide exactly the type of content that most appeals to that specific viewer.

The algorithms that run these sites keep track of what content you like, which videos you spend the most time watching, and which ones you share with other people. This information is then collated, analyzed, and used to keep reinforcing your feed with more and more content that it “knows” you are going to enjoy. As a result, once you start, it’s practically impossible to stop watching.

While that may be bad for your eyeballs — not to mention your productivity — it actually can be great for your business. That’s because these platforms essentially are free for users but come stocked with lots and lots of advertising. And these ads are pinpoint-focused the same way the content is.

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So when you focus your digital marketing budget on streaming apps like TikTok and Instagram, you can get more for your money because your ads will only go to people who already are predisposed to want the kind of products and services your business offers.

Social media is changing the way businesses reach customers. By getting onboard now, you can grow your business while harnessing one of the greatest marketing tools every built.

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