Building Brand Trust the Easy Way


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When it really comes down to it, earning trust in your brand is pretty simple: Back up your promises with actions.


If you pledge to provide the best quality good in the marketplace, do it.


If you tell people your customer service is second to none, make sure it is.


If you advertise that you have the smoothest return policies and the best guarantee, have it.


In other words, don’t lie. Don’t overpromise. And don’t underdeliver.


Your Reputation on the Line


The harsh reality of fast-paced, web-based business today is that most customers aren’t going to give your brand a second chance.


There are simply too many competitors, too large of a marketplace, and too many barriers to entry being removed for you to expect customer loyalty if you fail to back up your promises with action.


People can literally move on to the next company that provides the same products or services as your brand with the push of a button on their smartphone. So it’s imperative that you treat every interaction as if it is the one and only opportunity to win over that customer for life … because it is!


Know Your Limits


So before you promise anything to your customer, make 100 percent sure you can deliver. There will be pressure to overpromise in order to undercut competitors, or cut corners in order to broaden your appeal … but it rarely pays off in the long run.

Instead, the brands with the best reputations today earn them one customer at a time. Deliver what you promise and that customer will come back … and hopefully will recommend your brand to their family, friends, and social network.


Remember, in today’s online economy, word of mouth is the strongest sales tool. Deliver what you promise and you can earn brand trust and build your customer base exponentially.

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