Your brand needs an identity, a personality, a voice. It is the combination of visual, verbal and emotional characteristics that defines your business. Lytron will help you to create a brand message and strategy to position your business for competitive advantage.  Connecting with your target audience to build trust in a subconscious level is key for success. We create messages that will evoke a reaction or change a mood. We explore and value feelings, appealing directly to the emotional state, needs and aspirations of your target audience.

Brand Personality & Archetypes

Brand Archetypes

What is your Identity as a Brand?
Brand personality is a mix of emotional
characteristics linked to a company's name.

The Archetypes:
Brand Personalities

Establishing your brand identity will shape how people feel before making purchases decisions about your products and services. Finding your voice, especially as a small business, can be difficult. Identifying your brand archetype will save you time and money. Lytron will help you incorporate this concept on your brand message and marketing pieces.

Brand Research & Strategy

Who is your Target Audience? What influences them?
How do we reach them? Who is Your Competitor?
What are they good at? What are their weeknesses?
Why do people choose them? How do we win?


Brand Research & Strategy

Brand Perception Study
Segment and Market Analysis
Consumer Trends

Brand Strategy & Concept

Brand Concept

Dissecting the Product/Brand
Archetype Analysis & Recommendation
Message and Story Development to facilitate brand roll out


By definition, iconography is the “pictorial illustration associated with a person or a subject”- a.k.a., the logo symbol. A logo is a critical component to a company’s overall brand and success because the logo tells the story visually.

Color Psychology

When we develop your brand, we study the industry colors, and based on a deep research and archetypes analysis, the color combination is strategically picked in order to transmit an impactful visual message.



A well-proportioned, clean font can make all the difference on a website or even a corporate flyer. Someone once described typography as “pictures of words.” Each typeface can bring out a different meaning. Lytron will help you determine the right font to represent your brand and all the graphic pieces that will be developed.


Brand Message Creation

Brand messaging refers to the underlying value proposition conveyed and language used in your content. What does your customer want, what is your vision, what is your differentiator? The message should answer these questions by creating key terms and proof points needed to provide positioning, consistency and credibility. Shifting and shaping people’s perceptions of your brand requires an ongoing, thoughtful, strategic, multimedia communication plan. The brand message can be used to quickly build the base of needed marketing content, presentation and collateral in the future.

Brand Manual

After finishing the discovery, design and conceptual development phase, we build the brand manual with the guidelines.

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Shape how people feel

Logo Design
For Startups

10 b&w raw ideas, 3 refined
choices in color, 1 final option
design, 2 revisions

Logo Design

20 b&w raw ideas, 5
refined choices in color,
1 final option, 3 revisions

Emotional Study
& Brand Foundation

Archetype, Color Psychology,
Typography, Swot Analysis, etc.

Brand Message

Brand Promises, Positioning
Statement, Vision & Mission,
Tone of Voice, Elevator Pitch,
Brand Pillars

Brand Strategy
& Marketing Plan

Long-term plan for the
development of a successful brand
in order to achieve your goals.

Brand Manual
& Instructions

Define your brand rules
(Up to 20 Pages)


Business Card, Post Card,
Letterhead, Envelop, 3 Fold


Business Cards, Brochures,
Flyers, Pocket Folders, Letterheads etc
Price based on Requirements

Ebook Creation
12 Pages

Research, Content Strategy,
Content Writing, Cover Design
Pages Layout and Design

Video Production

60 Seconds Presentation,
Video and Stock Images

Ads Design

Promotions throughout the year
12 Holidays Banners for site
social media and emails

Presentation Design

Up to 15 Slides

Contract &
Proposal Redesign

Up to 3 Pages each

Product Design

Price based on Requirements

Video by

Price based on Requirements


Price based on Requirements

Complete Brand

Including all services listed
except: commercial printing,
video by drone, commercial
photography & packaging

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