Work Hard AND Smart

Work Hard AND Smart

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Work smarter, not harder.


If you have been in any type of business for the past couple of decades, you probably have heard this axiom. It usually refers to finding ways to improve efficiency and productivity rather than focusing on the hard labor of running a day-to-day business.


Unfortunately, this business axiom is as outdated as the punch card computer or radio advertising. In today’s highly competitive marketplace, business owners need to work smarter AND harder than their competitors if they hope to succeed.


Change Your Paradigm


“Wait a minute,” you say. “I’m already working my rear end off running my small business but my bank account doesn’t reflect my efforts.”


If you aren’t getting the return on the investment of your sweat equity that you think you deserve, it probably means it’s time to shake things up. Albert Einstein famously stated that the definition of insanity is continuing to perform the same task but expecting different results.


To get better results from your business, you need to change your paradigm. In other words, you need to take a fresh look at the fundamental nature of your business.


Work Hard AND Smart – Who, What, Why, Where and How


What was your vision of success when you first launched your business? If you can’t remember or those goals now seem unachievable, it’s time to change course. Finding another gear for your business is sometimes unavoidable, especially if your enterprise isn’t paying off the way you anticipated.


Thinking about what went wrong can be helpful. But what is more useful is reverse engineering your business so that it gets to where you wanted to go in the first place. Stop putting your big, long-term goals on the back burner and find innovative and exciting ways to get there.


When you are ready to work smarter and harder in order to achieve the long-term goals you originally set for your business, Lytron  is ready to help. Call us to learn more and get started.

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