For Your Next Web Design Fort Lauderdale, Think Mobile

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mobile designToday, more people than ever use their mobile devices as the primary way to search for the information, entertainment, product and services they want.

So if you are focusing your energy optimizing your website design for use on PCs and laptops, you could be wasting your valuable time and effort.

Benefits of Mobile Design

The way websites appear on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices are different than how they look on computer monitors. For one thing, the screen smaller, so you have less room to create an effective package with your content and images.

Websites also load differently on mobile devices than they do on PCs. So if your website isn’t using a mobile-optimized platform, it could take longer for your site to load on  people’s smartphones — putting you at risk of being dumped for one of your competitors.

Building a Better Mobile-Optimized Website

Creating a mobile optimized website for your business website lets you tap into the growing number of customers who are using their mobile devices as their primary web-access tool.

It also lets you convert more “window shoppers” into paying customers. Plus, it can increase your customer retention rate so you can achieve more repeat sales and develop loyal, long-term customers.

Get the Most from Your Marketing Budget

By focusing on mobile design for your website, you can optimize your web design budget by achieving a higher return on investment.

Mobile-friendly pages engage customers instantly and encourage them to act on whatever action your website is targeting: Buying a product, becoming a subscriber, clicking through to another page, or whatever your goal is.

Mobile-optimized websites can automatically direct mobile customers who click on your web link or type in your domain name to your mobile site. There they will find better screen definition, faster loading times, and user-friendly navigation.

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