Pictures of People Connect Better with Page Visitors

When you post articles, blogs, or other content on your web page, it’s important that you always include some sort of image to go with it.

But not just any image will do. Visitors to your web page will connect better on an emotional level if you include an image that includes at least one person, rather than simple pictures of objects of products.

Numerous studies have shown that Internet users prefer websites that include pictures of people over pictures of things.

SEO Fort Lauderdale — The Human Touch

Human beings are social entities and they like to make connections between people and their stories. When you include an image that includes a real person, people will project their thoughts and ideas onto that image.

But when you simply post a picture of a thing, the viewer can’t make that imaginative connection as easily. They can’t empathize with an object in the same way that they can with a real live human being.

SEO Fort Lauderdale — The Voyeuristic Effect

People also like to look at other people. But they don’t always get the opportunity to do so as much as they would like in real life.

Think about your own experiences. In the office, or even in your own home, if you were to stare at another person as long as you wanted it probably would make you both feel uncomfortable.

But you can look at an online photo of a person as long as you like.

This is known as the voyeuristic effect of online marketing. Professional marketers know that if they include images of young, attractive people with their postings, it will attract and hold the eye of the viewer longer.

SEO Fort Lauderdale — Effective Web Pages

Your web postings will have more effect if they include photos of actual people whenever possible.

People love looking at people. Use that to your advantage.




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