How to Keep People On Your Web Pages Longer

What You Need Is A Progressive Web Design!

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When visitors arrive at your web page, one of your primary goals should be to keep them there as long as possible.

The longer people stay on your web page, the more likely they are to buy your products, subscribe to your content, or share your pages with other people.

Here are a few things you can do right now to keep visitors on your web pages longer:

Logos Build Trust

People trust web pages they think are maintained by professional, competent organizations. If you don’t already have a professionally produced logo, hire a graphic artist to create one for you and feature it prominently on your web page.

A great-looking logo will make people more likely to trust your content and stay on your web page longer.

Make Navigation Intuitive 

Most people today visit dozens — if not hundreds — of web pages every day. So if your web page is difficult to navigate, visitors are more likely to click off more quickly.

Navigation on your web page should be intuitive. People don’t want to have to figure out which button they need to click to get where they want to go. Everything should be obvious. If it’s not, it’s probably time to redesign your page.

Make It Clutter-Free

Most people don’t like clutter — whether it’s in their homes or on the web pages they visit.

If your page is packed with unnecessary images or other non-essential content, it’s time to clean house. To keep people on your pages longer, strive to keep them as sleek and clutter-free as possible.

Use High-Quality Images

Given that practically every smartphone, tablet or other device today has a high-quality HD camera built into it, there’s no reason to include blurry, unappealing images on your web pages.

Make sure any image you include is professionally produced and appealing to your visitors.

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