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Working with an effective branding agency can lead to immediate, sustained advantages — including increased brand recognition, penetrating new markets, and the “holy trinity” of more sales, bigger market share, and overall business growth.


Yet collaborating online, by phone, or even through video conferencing with file sharing capability can only do so much. To truly get at the core of your business, it’s sometimes necessary to go “all-in” with your branding partner.


And that’s known as brand immersion.


Full Brand Immersion


Brand immersion involves having your branding partner embedded within your organization for a specific period of time. It may be a few days, a week, or even longer.


During that time, the branding expert can assess all of your brand systems, review your brand messaging, and delve deeply into your brand positioning in order to identify what your business is doing well and what can be improved.


The results are often astounding. Full brand immersion is one of the best ways for you branding agency to get the true inside picture of how your business works, what its genuine struggles are, and how it can be improved. And the takeaway is often worth the investment in time, effort, and money.


First Phase: Brand Auditing


The first step is a complete brand audit. During this phase, the branding agency will conduct a deep dive into the business’s past branding efforts, digging deep into how the business is perceived by the outside world.


Brand auditing often requires full access to analytics, marketing reports, and internal planning documents with the objective of coordinating a complete picture of where the brand marketing has been, where it is currently, and which direction it is likely to go moving forward.


Typical things that are uncovered during brand auditing include:


  • Bottlenecks that can inhibit brand growth
  • Keywords, phrases, and tone that best appeal to targeted audiences
  • Point of view statements that attract the best customers and filter out time thieves
  • Strengths and weaknesses of current visual branding, brand messaging, and brand positioning
  • Content analysis with an eye toward both consistency and effectiveness.


Once a full picture of where the brand stands from the brand auditing, the next step is complete and total immersion.


Second Phase: Brand Immersion


During the immersion stage, the branding agency partner physically travels to the business and becomes embedded in the operation. Generally, this lasts a week but in some cases it can be longer or shorter depending on the branding challenges to be overcome.


During this time, the brand agency meets with the CEO, marketing team, and even business clients to drill down into potential opportunities for improvement based on the brand auditing.


For a brief time, we will become an active part of your business. We listen in on how your reps talk to clients, we will interview our team members to get their candid thoughts on operations and overall culture, and we will speak directly engage with clients to get a feel for existing best practices and potential opportunities.


Finally, we will even spend time with leadership outside of the workplace in order to get a feel for what makes the business tick. We will eat at your favorite restaurants, meet family members, pet the dog, and see you in your true element.


All of these elements of full immersion are critical to determining areas for improvement, branding opportunities, and to gain an understanding of the underlying business culture that fuels its successes.


Third Phase: Report and Recommend


All of the data from the brand auditing combined with the in-person research from the full immersion will then be brought back and compiled, analyzed, and assessed by our team of brand experts.


The result will be threefold:

  • A truthful, unbiased picture of where your brand is right now
  • Recommendations on how to improve visual branding, brand messaging, and brand positioning to achieve optimal results
  • And a road map on how to achieve these mutually agreed upon objectives with maximum speed and efficiency.


Lytron Design has achieved enormous success with this type of full brand immersion. We have worked with a wide variety of clients in a number of industries and geographic locations to deliver tangible, effective branding results that have resulted in measurable successes.


Success Stories


One of the most recent was VTEC Lasers & Sensors, a pilot project funded by the European Commision to support the digital transformation of small- and medium-sized businesses throughout the EU.


Here’s what VTEC founder and president Jan Mink had to say about the full immersion experience of working with Lytron Design:


“We at VTEC had the opportunity to work with Lytron and specifically with Mariana for 4 weeks, supported by DigitaliseSme. It was a great experience, the energy , support and knowledge she has put in makes you directly become a fan of the possibilities of digitalising your companies message. She supported strongly in creating a great website and also presenting VTEC in all the different media and news channels. Based on my experience i can advise you to first contact Lytron if you want to enhance your digital presence.”


Not every company needs brand immersion. But many can benefit from the getting the full, undivided attention of a branding expert embedded within their organization with the objective of creating a comprehensive, highly effective strategy for global branding success.


If you want to learn more about branding immersion and the other services we offer, all you need to do is contact Lytron Design. We can’t wait to partner with you to streamline your branding to achieve outstanding success together.

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