Five Basics Every Web Page Creator Should Remember

Web design today is more complicated today than ever before. Now that just about everybody is online pretty much all the time, websites always need to do more, more, more.

Keeping up with the latest developments can be a real challenge, especially for new web designers. It’s very easy to become overwhelmed by everything that’s going on to the point where the simplest, most basic things are forgotten.

With that in mind, here are five basic things every web designer needs to keep in mind when creating web pages of any type.

Web Design Fort Lauderdale — Keep It Simple

The last thing anybody wants to see when they log onto a web page is TMI, which stands for “too much information”. Generally, the simpler your website, the better.

Since most people are going to be looking at your website on their phones, it’s important to remove any dense blocks of text. Instead, use photos, illustrations, and key phrases to get your message across.

Web Design Fort Lauderdale —┬áMake It Instinctual

Web users today don’t read instruction manuals. They want to land on your site and instantly understand what they need to do.

Make your website instinctual so that anybody can automatically use it even if they are totally unfamiliar with your content.

Web Design Fort Lauderdale — Highlight Your Brand

Don’t get distracted from your core message: Your brand. Whether you are promoting products or services, offering entertainment, or any other end purpose, you have a brand. Find it and promote it above everything else.

Web Design Fort Lauderdale — Get to the Point

People’s attention spans are shorter than ever. Anything extraneous on your website should be purged so that you can drive your visitors to do whatever it is you want them to do.

Web Design Fort Lauderdale — Make It Personal

One of your biggest goals should be to get people to return to your website again and again. Capture personal information like visitor’s names, email addresses, and phone numbers so you can continue to market to them in the future.

Websites today are more complicated than ever. But if you keep these five simple basics in mind, yours can be successful.




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