Envision Your Future Success

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There’s been a lot of talk in business circles lately about vision. Much of it started way back in 2006 when TV host Oprah Winfrey lauded the book, “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne.


This has led to such concepts as vision boards, writing letters to your future self, and setting “powerful anchors” followed in popularity among some entrepreneurs.


Whether or not you subscribe to “The Secret” book’s premise on the laws of attraction – which claim focusing on a specific outcome with your thoughts can cause it to occur – there is obvious benefit to envisioning success.


Or at least understanding how you define it for your business.


Envision Your Future Success – Setting Business Goals


Creating goals for your business is critical to your success. Without them, your enterprise is simply adrift.


But goals give you something to work toward. They also provide key measurements. For example, let’s say you set a goal for doubling your sales and increasing your profits by 25% within two years. These are tangible, specific targets.


Once you have these goals, you can essentially reverse engineer your Business to achieve them: How can you double sales? What specific steps do you need to attract new customers? How can you reduce costs to increase profits by your targeted amount?


Thinking about Your Future


Goals help keep you on track toward a specific outcome. Focusing on goals is important because it gives you something tangible to do daily,weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually for the success of your business.


Do you have specific goals? Are they measurable? If not, that something you can make your very first goal: Creating targeted outcomes that are tied to specific dates, specific numbers, and specific success.


Once you can answer the question “How do you measure success?” you already are on the road to achieving it.


Envision Your Future Success

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