When It Comes to Customer Service, It’s Personal

When It Comes To Customer Service, It’s Personal

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If you want to create a deeper, more meaningful connection with your online customers, you need to make your interactions seem more personalized.


When people feel as if you know them and they know you, they are more likely to come back to your website again and again as opposed to an impersonal competitor. Engaging customers on a personal level is the key to your online business’s success.


When It Comes to Customer Service, It’s Personal – What’s My Name?


Countless studies have shown that people respond positively to hearing their own names during live interactions. The same premise holds true for online interactions as well.


Using customer’s names in emails, text messages, online offers, and elsewhere helps reinforce the idea that you have an interpersonal relationship with that person. In the same way that people like to hear their name spoken, they also like to see it in print — whether it’s online, on their phone, or elsewhere.


Capture your customer’s first and last names during the initial interaction then store this string to use it throughout your future contacts. This will help build relationships with your customers and keep them coming back for more.


When It Comes to Customer Services, It’s Personal – Put a Face to Your Name


While it’s important for the customer to hear their name, they also need to hear yours. On your website and during your interactions with your online customers, make a point of including your name and, if possible, a photograph of you so that they can put a face with your identity.


This helps strengthen trust bonds with customers and inspire confidence in your business relationship. When appropriate, you also can include personal details about your life, such as introducing your spouse and children, including photos of your home, and talking about vacations, your career, education, and more.


If you want strong relationships with your online customers, make it personal.


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