Chasing the Shiny New Thing

Keywords May Not Be as Important as They Once Were

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One of the most common mistakes first-time business owners make is constantly chasing after the latest shiny new thing.


Chasing trends, trying to hard to be cool and new, and clinging to the superficial is a fast way to an early demise.


The problem with basing your decisions on things that are trending is that new things are always trending, knocking the old things off the list and out of the minds of your prospective customers. This is especially true now that most people can tap into what’s new and cool on their Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media accounts.


Chasing the Shiny New Thing – Branding and Trends


Chasing after trends is exhausting. It’s also frustrating.


That’s because people have short attention spans, both individually and collectively. If you doubt this, simply go back and look at what was trending a month ago … or even a week ago.


Odds are the majority of topics on the Google or Yahoo trending lists from even the short-term past are already long forgotten.


So basing branding decisions for your business on trends is short-sighted as well as exasperating.


Branding Mistakes


Chasing after the shiny new thing is human nature. But it’s also cooked into our consciousness to be attracted to the next big thing that comes along, too.


Rather than making decisions like what products to offer, which marketing platforms to use, and how to present your brand based on current trends, try to look at the big picture rather than the current moment.


Pool business owners choose to chase trends. Smart, successful ones become trending themselves by building their businesses on reliable, time-honored branding techniques that always work regardless of what’s currently popular.


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