Improving Internet Security
Posted by on October 8, 2015 in Security

Keeping your PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone safe is a huge part of Internet security. Without it, your devices could easily get infected with viruses or malware that can slow down or even ruin your operating system. Another big risk are key loggers, which can be used to steal your credit card ...

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WordPress Discovers and Fixes Cyberhack
Posted by on September 25, 2015 in Security

If you used WordPress to set up and maintain your website and you downloaded the JetPack plugin or the TwentyFifteen theme, you could be vulnerable to a newly-identified cyberattack. According to the web security website Sucuri, any WordPress plugin or theme that uses the popular genericons packa...

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How Data Gathering Helps Keep Us Safe
Posted by on July 9, 2015 in Content, Marketing, Security, SEO

George Orwell’s book “1984” described a dystopian future in which the government – in the form of “Big Brother” – was constantly keeping tabs on everything its citizens did and said.   The leak of classified information by whistleblower Edward Snowden – a former employee o...

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