The 12 Brand Archetypes

The 12 Brand Archetypes

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You may have heard the term “archetypes” before. Or maybe not. But they are critically important to the success of your business.


Why? Because archetypes define psychological mind states that customers have when looking for products, services, and businesses.


People make “buy or don’t buy decisions” based on emotions and feelings. Archetypes are simply ways of expressing a set of emotions that instantly attract a certain type of customer.


Tap into the one that best defines your brand and you can successfully attract more customers, better clients, and people who are ready to BUY RIGHT NOW.


Okay, this is a lot. But it will become clearer when I describe the 12 brand archetypes and the demand triggers they execute in the right customer:


The Amazing Magician


  • You can make the impossible possible
  • People connect on a spiritual level with your brand
  • Customers are attracted to your personal style and actions

The Magician/Alchemist/Healer archetype is appealing to people who want fast, dramatic change. A brand example would be Apple.


The Ordinary Everyman


  • You seem like the guy or girl next door
  • You offer people a connection to a community of like-thinking individuals
  • Customers feel like they understand and share your viewpoint

The Everyman appeals to customers who strive to be understood and appreciated. The perfect brand example would be Wal-Mart.


The Iconoclast


  • You aren’t afraid to tell it like it is
  • You don’t have a lot of patience for fools
  • You speak from a position of authority … and have the credentials to back it up!

The Rebel/Iconoclast appeals to people who aren’t satisfied with the way the world is and want to change it in their image. A great brand example would be Harley-Davidson.


The Wise Teacher


  • You freely share knowledge
  • You are passionate about keeping people informed
  • Customers admire your intellect and opinions

People who are attracted to the Sage/Mentor/Teacher value wisdom above all else. Brand examples would include The Wall Street Journal.


The Brave Explorer


  • You have the courage to boldly go where nobody else has gone before
  • You invite people think of themselves in a new and exciting way
  • Customers want to be like you

The Explorer/Guide/Seeker archetype appeals to people who are passionate about experience life first-hand. A brand example would be The North Face.


The Entertainer


  • You are skilled at making people laugh to forget their problems
  • You show people how to enjoy and appreciate the now rather than worrying about later
  • Customers love to be around you

The Entertainer/Performer/Comedian appeals to people who like to have fun. A brand example would be Old Spice.


The General


  • You get the job done on time, within budget, and above expectations
  • You cut through the static and get right to the point to deliver success
  • People feel willing to ignore distractions and trust in your proven abilities

The General offers customers seriousness and significance. A brand example would be BMW.


The Lover


  • Following the heart is more important than thinking too much
  • You forgive people for giving into temptations and desire
  • People feel a strong emotional connection to you

The Lover/Caring Friend appeals to customers who value passion over logic. A terrific brand example would be Haagen-Dazs.


The Loving Mother


  • You are reliable, caring, and emotionally available
  • You give without worrying about receiving anything back in return
  • People are impressed with your ability to serve

The Caregiver/Servant/Mother appeals to people who want to be cared for. A brand example would be the American Red Cross.


The Fierce Warrior


  • You can achieve amazing goals even when they seem insurmountable
  • You offer people toughness combined with keen intellect
  • Customers feel like you will inspire them to be responsible

The Hero/Warrior/Protector appeals to customers who want to achieve specific goals or outcomes. A great brand example would be Nike.


The Innocent


  • You remind people of when times were simpler
  • You exude optimism and hope
  • People are attracted to the purity of your beliefs

The Innocent appeals to customers who want to simplify their lives. A brand example would be Coca-Cola.


The Innovative Creator


  • You have the ability to show people something new and exciting that they never could have imagined on their own
  • You teach people a craft they can use to improve their own creativity
  • People want to be around you because they feel inspired by your vision

The Innovative Creator appeals to people who want to believe in something bigger than themselves. The best brand example would be LEGO.


So which archetype best describes you?

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