Lytron Design’s Step-by-Step Branding Process

Lytron Design’s Step-by-Step Branding Process

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Every brand is unique. But the approach Lytron  takes to helping clients discover and understand their specific brand follows a predictable pattern.


Here is the step-by-step branding process we use to create flourishing, successful brands for our clients. While there are many variables – after all, your brand is distinctly about you! – the strategy is proven to be successful.



Step 1 – Connecting with Our Clients


In order to understand your brand, the branding professionals at Lytron  have to understand you. What makes you tick? What do you want out of your business? What do YOU see as your road to success.


Getting to know our clients is the first and – arguably – most important step in the collaborative process of crafting your unique brand. Generally, we begin with a 15- to 20-minute phone call in which we get to know each other and gain an understanding of how we can help each other successful achieve your specific objectives.



Step 2 – Let’s Talk about Brand Design


After our discovery call, it’s time to start thinking visually. How do you envision your brand “looking” like?


We often encourage our clients to visually brainstorm in one of a number of ways:


  • Creating a vision board that builds a roadmap to what your specific version of success looks like
  • Building a Pinterest page with brand design you like
  • Filling out a questionnaire that includes answers that help us navigate your brand to where you genuinely want it to be
  • Participating in a 60- to 90-minute Skype chat to get “down and dirty” into branding strategies, ideas, and concepts.

By the end of all this prep work, the Lytron  team generally has everything it needs to get going on your unique and successful branding for your business.



Step 3 – Defining Brand Assets


The next step is identifying the special features of your brand that make it unique. These can include specific products or services but also things like your personality, your company culture, and even your aspirations and hopes for the future.


You define your business by focusing on what makes it unique and identifying the factors that will make prospective customers and clients choose it from among all the other competitors.



Step 4 – Brand Building


The next step is truly magical. Combining our expertise with your passion for your business, Lytron  collaboratively creates a unique and consistent branding strategy for your business.


This can take a variety of forms including everything from logo design, marketing strategies, blog and social media posts, and everything in between.


While the basic steps tend to be universal, where they take us together is always magical. And at Lytron , we can’t wait to get started on our journey together with your business!


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