Brand Research & Strategy

Your identity doesn’t start with your logo. It begins with an honest look at the core values of your business, such as: Customer focus, Loyalty, Commitment, Great Quality with Affordable Price,Reliability, etc. From these values, we start building verbal elements that will be the foundation for the whole process.

Data-Driven, Fact Based Approach
Process to Understand Core Customers
Creates Competitive Advantage
Coordinates All Elements of Marketing
Uniquely Positions the Business
Gets You More Customers


1. Discovery
2. Design Sketching
3. Conceptual Development
4. Identity Creation
5. Strategic Planning

Concept Creation

• Dissecting the Product/Brand
• Archetype Analysis & Recommendation

After you’ve selected your creative direction,
we develop a message / story to facilitate brand roll
out in all your communications materials.

Brand Connection

• Our Team Finds Your Brand Identity
• Message Creation
• Slogan Creation
• Color Psychology
• Conceptual Development
• Typography & Logomark Research

Discovery 25%
Design Sketching 50%
Concept Development 80%
Identity Creation 90%
Strategic Planing 100%
Market Study

Who is your Target Audience?

Market Study

What influences them?
When do they buy?
Where do they live?
Why do they like?
How do we reach them?


Who is Your Competitor?

Competition Analysis

What are they good / poor at?
When do they market?
Where are they located?
Why do people choose them?
How do we win?


Brand Positioning

Get More Customers.

Positions Your Business for Competitive Advantage
Must be Important to the Consumer
Must be Competitively Unique
Must be Easy to Communicate

Brand Development Examples:



Concept Presentation:

By sliding the images below you will be able to understand the process and the ideas behind the creation of the concept used to build this brand using the Explorer as the Archetype.

Brand Manual:

After finishing the discovery, design and conceptual development phase, we build the brand manual with the guidelines. Below is an example of a brand using the Caregiver Archetype.