Adding Revenue Opportunities

Adding Revenue Opportunities

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Your website is finished. It looks great. It works properly. And, most importantly, customers are finding it and spending money at your business.


Finished? No! Now it’s time to add additional revenue opportunities to your website.


‘The Buying Mood’


When people go online, find your website, and decide to buy something, they often are in a “buying mood”. This is that unique moment when they have let their guard down — if only slightly — and are ready to spend some money.


To maximize your website’s profit potential, it’s your job to find new ways for people to keep buying once they achieve this magic moment.


Adding Revenue Opportunities – Upgrades Keep the Additional Offers Coming


One way to keep getting online customers to spend more money with your business is to continue to add additional offers.


Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, has this down to a science. Whenever you buy anything on their website, Amazon will instantly and automatically offer you an array of similar or related products that you can add to your shopping basket.


Or they recommend other products purchased by other people who also bought the product you just clicked on.


In both instances, Amazon is seeking to take advantage of customers who are in the “buying mood”, and so should you.




Another way to get more revenue out of people who already have spent money on your website is to offer upgrades. These are expanded versions of the products they have just purchased.


For example, if you are promoting a subscription service that costs $5 per month for one year for a total of $60, as soon as the customer takes that offer you can offer an additional year at a discounted price. Or try to sell a lifetime subscription for an even higher price.


Additional offers and upgrades are low-risk propositions: If the customer declines, you still have the original sale. But if they accept your second offer, keep going with more offers. It only adds up to more revenue for your business.

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