Add ‘Real Feels’ to Your Business, Brand, or Products

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If you want people to be passionate about your business, you need to make genuine emotional connections. Making people feel connected to your business, your brand, or your products is the single most effective way to create the kind of raving fans every business wants.


These kinds of bonds are created using emotional branding. This is a form of marketing that is less focused on the hard facts about your business or products and more interested in the emotions that they evoke in your ta rgeted customer.


Emotional Branding and You


Think about the brands that you are most passionate about:


Do you always choose Ford trucks or Buick sedans because that’s what your father drove?


Does your family have a go-to restaurant that always hosts your most important celebrations?


Do you have a favorite movie or book that you always recommend to people who ask you about your preferences?


These are all strong feelings that were created by emotional branding.


You feel strongly about these products because you have a genuine emotional connection with them, bonds that are created by time, experience, and actual feelings you have experienced and want to experience again.


When you use emotional branding to create these feelings in your target customer, they establish a bond that can last a lifetime – or even be passed onto future generations of consumers.


Using Emotional Branding


Every business, brand, or product can benefit from emotional branding. Using real-life feelings like joy, trust, appreciation, surprise, and delight can create lifelong bonds that stand the test of time and that can be shared.


But it’s not just positive emotions that can make genuine connections. Things like fear, disgust, sadness, and anger are also widely used to promote products and brands. For example, the entire home security industry is built upon instilling fear in the hearts of homeowners about the safety of their family or the security of their possessions.


Emotional branding is time-tested, highly effective way to build real, durable connections between your business and your customers. Identifying the right emotion for your brand then promoting it effectively to your targeted customers is what Lytron   does best.


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