Dealer Inventory System

We have a system to help auto dealers to display their inventory online. Each car is directly connected to a request form that your customers can ask for more information.

About Lytron X-Dearler

Lytron X-Dealer is a very powerful and flexible Dealership System. It includes an Inventory Search, where you can search by Maufacturer, Model, engine size, transmission type, min/max price, body type, mileage, or model year. This dealer system also includes a Loan calculator which can be shown or hidden in Theme Options.

Notable Features:

  • Powerful Search. Search by Manufacturer, Engine Size, Transmission, min/max price, body type, mileage, and model year.
  • Customize the last three search dropdown lists. Choose from Engine Size, Transmission, body type, mileage, or model year.
  • Sales Rep “Custom Post Type” and Page frame.
  • Supports Videos (opens in lightbox)
  • Built-in Loan Calculator
  • “Browse By” feature in menu. Browse by manufacturer, price, model year, etc. Set options in Theme Options.
  • Optionally browse by manufacturer, price range, Engine Size, Transmission, Body Type, mileage, or model year.
  • Option to have a second level of manufacturer search. For example, choose Ford, and below shows up another dropdown showing Ford Models.
  • Optional Login form
  • Print icon in Detail page
  • 27 individual slideshow transitions
  • Social Media Integration
  • Special banner over images: “Reduced”, “Sold”, “Automatic”, “Manual”, “Diesel”, “Reserved”.
  • Contact form on each listing page
  • Comprehensive Theme Options page. Practically everything is customizable
  • Link to “All Vehicles” in menu
  • Hide or show just about any element in the site
  • Customize the wording of any header or element.
  • Easy Integration with Blogs and Other Pages
  • Complete Control Panel