SEO Plans & Strategies

So how do you get the best results for every dollar?

SEO involves using various strategies in the design, contacts with major search engines, linking, using third party tools, formulating relevant content, and sometimes the use of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) to increase your websites traffic. (PPC is a sponsored listings were the advertiser pays the search engine each time the ad is clicked on to increase standings).

The Internet is now the telephone book and if you do not have SEO performed your website will be lost in the 2+ billion other sites.

Your business needs to do the equivalent of a full page ad in the telephone book on the Internet. And that is having your site come up on the first page of any search engine for your keywords. It pays you to do SEO and it is tracked by return on investment(ROI).

This is usually measured in clicks to your website, site traffic, organic search listing rank, leads and resulting in sales, and all of these are tracked by  our tools.

In the SEO industry, training and doing constant monitoring of the web tools and search engines is the only way to stay above the competition so your company can maintain the winning edge.

In this competitive market you must use SEO and other online marketing solutions to gain an advantage over your competition or your site will be lost among millions of others.

You should not try to do SEO yourself as it is a science that changes constantly. Trying to do your own SEO can cause your website to be blacklisted and banned from many of the search engines. Many of the original techniques for getting excellent standing have become known as “SPAMMING” search engines. And they bring down your domains reputation and can get you banned permanently. It is a war and we usually come out the winners.

SEO Technology Masters constantly monitors and analyze these changes and we implement what we learn in to every one of our customer websites. If you see your competition on the first or second pages on any Google, Yahoo, or Bing search. Trust me. They have a professional SEO company representing them. Do you? We can help. Give us a call or e-mail us and see what we can do for you!

We are your marketing team! This is what we will do for you: ONE MONTH
Main Keywords (Bonus keywords may be added with the time) 5 local keyphrases 5 local keyphrases 5 local keyphrases 10 local keyphrases 15 keyphrases
Bonus Keywords
Landing Page for Each
Main Keyword
5 Landing Pages 10 Landing Pages 15 Landing Pages
Keyword research and analysis
Competition Analysis
Initial Backlinks analysis
SEO Deep Audit (Errors site wide)
Mobile Usability Check
Blog Connection
Social Media Integration
Social Media Credibility Booster (300 – 500 New Likes on your Company Page)
Meta Tag Optimization
Alt Tag Optimization
Heading Tags Optimization
Internal Link Structuring & Optimization
24/7 Ranking Reports
24/7 Call Tracking Reports
Sitemap XML Generation
Sitemap for Visitors
Robots.txt Creation/Analysis
Analytics Integration
Webmaster Integration
Google My Business / Maps
(Account Creation, Design and Verification)
Google My Business
(Maps Optimization)
Content Syndication & Link Building
(Broadcast of new content)
Content Writing / Monthly Articles 2 4 6
Pages and Posts Optimization 10 20 40 60
On Page Monthly Copy Edit 5 10 15
Submission to online business directories 50 directories 50 directories 100 directories
Creation & optimization of social media profiles
(Facebook, Google+, Twitter)
Design of Covers for Social Media Profile
(Facebook, Google+, Twitter)
Social Bookmarking
Photo Sharing 10 pics
Video Creation 2 videos
Slideshow Creation
Docs Creation
Web 2.0 Content Creation
E-book Submission
Ongoing monitoring and report
Conference Call with Local Marketing Analyst
Meeting with Local Marketing Analyst Every 90 days Every 60 days Every 30 days Every 30 days
Month to Month Packages Available Higher Setup & Monthly Fee Higher Setup & Monthly Fee Higher Setup & Monthly Fee
Investment Call for quote Call for quote Call for quote Call for quote Call for quote Fee

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Lytron has the industry lowest SEO prices.

We like to talk to our clients and explain our solutions, we do some free analysis even before you commit to work with us.

Contact us for a free consultation over the phone as we share our screens and explain our methods.

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Step 1

This stage involves analysis of your site, link structure, code, navigation and content of the website. This phase also includes analyzing your competitors on Google and a comparative report.

Step 2


We research your geographic location, industry and competition. We analyze which keywords your potential customers are using to search for you. The research phase will determine whether or not there is a market of sufficient size and profit potential to justify a business investment. We will also determine what is the best marketing strategy for your business.

Step 3


We work to better optimize our clients’ sites (seo). We bring traffic to your site. Whether by seo, ppc (google adwords), seasonal campaigns, e-mail marketing, social media marketing, or an integrated marketing campaign (marketing mix). The site is built or adapted by our team of in-house designers and developers. Maximize your potential to win clients and beat the competition. We focus on content optimization through keyword incorporation, anchor text and interlinking.

Step 4

Code is like the CORE of the website. Our SEO experts analyze the code and rewrite the title tag, description tag, images, alt tags, and more to ensure they are search engine optimized and search engine friendly.
Understanding SEO

Step 5


Search engines treat links as votes for popularity and importance. Our job is to get smart links from content marketing. We build content throughout the web (videos, social media, web 2.0, photos, slideshows, etc.) and we link them to your site. On the images below you will be able to read more about our link strategies.

ROI Video Results

Step 6

Our systems measure our effectiveness 24/7. Clients receive usernames and passwords to track their ranking position on google, their visitors, and even the number of calls received, through a live report. Lytron commitment: we will only work with a limited number of clients per industry & location.
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