ReTargeting Benefits

2% of of web traffic converts on the first visit
90% of visitors don’t buy or take action on their first visit
70% of visitors who are retargeted with display ads are 70% more likely to convert on your Web site

Retargeting Benefits

Retargeting / Remarketing is the best way to get your offer in front of buyers multiple times in a nonintrusive way which leads to more sales and brand recognition.

It is said that a person needs to see an offer more than 4 times before they make a buying decision. Retargeting allows you to get that message in front of prospective customers several times.

Retargeting is the process of dropping a tracking code (cookie) on a website visitor’s browser for the purpose of placing targeted ads in front of them while they search the internet and social media platforms. It is a critical component for your local business’ growth strategy.

5 primary reasons you should implement Retargeting in your business immediately.

The top reasons are as follows:

  1. Retargeting gets better Click Through Rates and Conversion %
  2. People need several touch points prior to purchasing decisions
  3. Ability to Include and Exclude lists for better ad management
  4. Ability to Focus on a specific Product or Service
  5. Retargeting is Less Expensive than other Pay per Click Advertising

The Campaign Setup depends on the campaign complexity and size. You can get results immediately, after the campaign is launched.
Our experts will convert visitors into qualified leads. We analyze the site constantly to make sure it is reaching the set goals: Selling your products and services.

PPC PLAN – AD SPEND per Month$500 – $999$1000 – $2999$3000 – $5999ABOVE $6000
Monthly Reports / Conference CallsMonthlyMonthlyMonthlyBiweekly
Call Tracking Reports24/724/724/724/7
Optimization UpdatesBiweeklyBiweeklyWeeklyWeekly
Phase 1 – Account Setup
Account Creation
Website and Goal (Conversion) Analysis
Conversion Code Setup
Call Tracking Setup
Ad Extension Setup
Google Analytics Setup
Phase 2 – Campaign Creation
Competitor Analysis
Keyword Research & Analysis
Ad Copy Creation & Testing
Website Optimizer (if required)
Ad Testing
Phase 3 – Ongoing Management
Campaign Optimization & Bid Management
Tweaking and submission of new ads & keywords
Competitor Monitoring
Google Analytics
Conversion Tracking
Code Installation
Call Quality Analysis
Competitor Monitoring
Payment Terms
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Importance of Pay-Per Click and Adwords

In the modern setting of doing business online, one of the most important factors to consider is to get the best results while spending less than your competitors. This will give you a lot of advantages in terms of return to investment. The more profit you have, the better chances your online business has of surviving. One of the best ways to do this is by Google’s PPC advertising using Adwords. This is the perfect solution for your businesses.

Get Professional Help!

If you want to get the full benefit of using PPC as one of your main sources of advertising, you will need some professional help in order to get the full benefit for yourself. The system is easy to do, but, that’s the least of your worries. They say starting a car is very easy, but driving it is another thing. And we have the know-how to make PPC working in your favor. Our number one goal and the reason we chose PPC is the ease with which customers will find using them. One click and they’re in your backyard. Of course, the second goal is to keep those expenses down and the revenues up.

PPC is one of the best ways of improving your online presence. Every online business owner knows this. And added to this is the fact that you only pay when somebody clicks your Adwords. You don’t need to pay the maintenance expenses which will deplete your operational money.

Keywords Choice

What we can do for you is supply you with the best working keywords at prices lower than our competitors. Suppose you only pay 50 cents per click with keywords that increases traffic to your website compared to your competitor who has to shell out 55 cents per click and inferior keywords; you can do the math, you know you have a sure winner in your hands.

To increase your earning potential we will also increase your online presence by choosing which keywords click better. We will parade you not only in the Google search network, but also in handpicked websites that have high traffic, especially with those that have a captured audience that keep coming back day after day to do their business there.

You can expect all your ads to get the approval of Google since we know how they work. And, as we said already, starting your Adwords campaign won’t be much of a problem; just leave the driving to us. Your product is our most important passenger and we will make every stop just to ensure that they are properly introduced to your customers.

We will take measures to give your product some clout in order to make the hottest website owners welcome us there with open arms. They know that for every click that happens, some of the revenues are going their way. So, if you have a best seller in your stocks, no website will say no to you.

We have studied how all these things work by studying Google’s systems with regards to PPC and Adwords. And let’s not forget that SEO is still part of it all and we’re experts and highly experienced in that area as well.