Free Online Learning Teaches How to Create, Maintain Websites

A lot of people who want to have their own website for their business or their personal use will hire an outside company to create it for them.

Another alternative is to go back to school and spend several years learning about web page creation, online design, and other highly technical subjects in a formal classroom setting.

But now there is a simpler way to learn computer programming, website design, and web page maintenance. It’s called Kahn Academy and it’s completely free.

SEO Fort Lauderdale — Free Education for Everybody

Kahn Academy is a free online learning resource that was launched by educator philanthropist Salman Kahn with the goal of creating a set of online tools that help educate students.

While the site is mainly aimed at high school students, it is available to anybody who wants to learn a wide variety of subjects including mathematics, science, history, and computer programming.

By accessing the Kahn Academy website, anybody can begin a course of study in any number of subjects and learn at their own pace. Courses include video tutorials, interactive exercises, and even quizzes and testing.

SEO Fort Lauderdale — Benefits of Kahn Academy

People interested in learning computer programming languages like JavaScript, CSS, and others can immerse themselves in Kahn Academy’s interactive learning programs.

The website moves at a brisk pace, but users are able to go back and repeat any lessons they don’t fully understand. There’s even an opportunity to ask questions of others, engage in ongoing discussions about relative topics, and help tutor other students who may be having a hard time.

Granted, free programs like Kahn Academy are no substitute for formalized degree programs. But it offers an introduction to computer programming and an exposure to the same concepts taught in university programs, except for free.

If you are looking for an affordable way to learn website design, computer programming, and other relevant topics that let you learn at your own pace, check out Kahn Academy.




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