Encouraging Teamwork


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When you run your own business, business results and profitability usually are your top priorities. But unless you are your business’s only employee, you aren’t going to achieve these and other goals without the help of your team.


Whether you are doing web design in Boca Raton, managing a warehouse, or running a professional football team, promoting teamwork to get the best results for your business is essential.


Mission Focus


The first thing any organization needs to do to encourage teamwork is to make sure everybody is working towards the same goal. Understanding the business’s mission and its goals are essential to success.


Missions are general. Goals are specific. For a web design business, for example, the mission could be to provide the best quality web design services to ensure the highest online saturation for its clients possible.


Measurable Goals


Only after the mission has been clarified and communicated to every team member can specific goals be set for the organization.


Continuing with the web design example, goals could include general organizational objectives such as signing up 10 new clients per month for a period of one year.


Individual objectives such as having the social media manager increase the number of Facebook “Likes” on social media postings by 10% per month for six months.


Teamwork – Team Building


Besides clarifying the organization’s mission and identifying measurable goals, another effective way to ensure a business’s success is to recognize and reward team members frequently and vociferously.


People naturally like to be recognized for a job well done. While it’s nice to get pay raises, promotions, and other tangible rewards, sometimes all that’s required to promote teamwork is to publicly thank individual team members for contributing to the success of the organization.


A pat on the back, an “atta boy” or “atta girl”, or even a vocal “Thank You” in front of everybody can go a long way toward promoting teamwork among every team member.

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