E-mail Marketing

How our Email Marketing Works


1. Set-up & Design – One time Fee

  • We establish a dedicated account with an email distribution company;
  • We transfer your contacts to this account;
  • We discuss the ideas with you and create an email that will provoke your clients;
  • We Custom Design and Code the Newsletter using your brand identity;
  • We send the email;
  • We analyze and explain reports

2. Email Blast / eNewsletter – Monthly Fee

  • Everything from package #1, but monthly
  • This monthly email will be unique, and it always share either a monthly promotion, an invitation, an interesting article, etc…

3. Facebook Coupon App Integration

  • Everything from package #2 + Facebook Integration
  • We will use same promotions on Facebook and we will create Facebook apps to convert the email list into a fan list.
  • The visitor will have access to promotional codes immediately after Liking the page. When the visitor becomes a fan, his friends may like the page as well, once they check their news feed
  • A free method to promote your page and raise your Facebook Fans

4.  Site Integration

  • Everything included on Package #3 + Web Site Integration
  • A monthly landing page + a Blog Post will be added to the site with the same promotion displayed on Facebook and Emails. These will also take client to Facebook so they receive the offer once they like the page.

5. Adwords + Facebook PPC Integration

  • Everything included on Package #4 + Adwords + Facebook PPC Integration;
  • Same monthly promotion we will use on Email Blast, Facebook, Sites & Blogs, we will also advertise on Adwords focusing on best keywords and on Facebook best audiences;

6. Adwords Retargeting Integration – Google Partners

  • Everything included on Package #5 + Retargeting Programming
  • Retargeting is a code that we drop on your site and once the visitor comes in the first time his computer will pick this code. Everytime he goes to a Google Partner site, your ad will be displayed. So your promotion will run on Google’s Partners site as well

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