Directory Listings Submission

Make your Business visible

Lytron delivers Local Business Directory Listing Service to small businesses.
The package includes:

Add New Listings

We will provide local listing service in the directories that your business isn’t listed still

Find Existing Listings

We will search for listing sites to find your current listings to ensure they are correct and accurate.

Claim Listings

Our technicians will claim, edit and update existing listings with incorrect or missing business information.


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It’s important to make sure you have your business information correct and consistent on all directories online. This also helps your Google Maps position. Having this service will guarantee that your business is found in all major local directories and people will find your business everywhere they look.

This service is connected to the reviews system, where your clients can submit reviews on these directories and these reviews will be streamed automatically on your site and social media, daily.

Directories and reviews are extremely important for reputation management.