Keep Content Short, Snappy, and to the Point
Posted by on October 5, 2017 in Content

One of the unintended consequences of the rise in popularity of the internet is a shortening of people's attention spans. When you scroll through dozens of websites per day, you generally don't have time for a lot of in-depth content.   So it is important to remember when creating content...

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With Today’s Web Design, Content Is King
Posted by on May 15, 2017 in Content, Marketing, Web Design

In order for your web pages to be popular, they have to strike a delicate balance between search engine optimization (SEO) and giving visitors what they want. In effect, web designers have been serving two masters: The giant search engine algorithms like Google, Bing!, Yahoo, and others, and the peo...

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Keywords May Not Be as Important as They Once Were
Posted by on May 9, 2017 in Content, SEO

Pretty much since the internet was invented, keywords have been the holy grail of most web page creators. That's because search engines use keywords to scan through web pages, identify what they are about, and rank them according to how valuable they will be to their users. Today, however, keywor...

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Monetizing Your Website
Posted by on August 15, 2016 in Business, Content

The goal of most websites is to attract visitors. After all, you wouldn't go to the time and expense of creating and maintaining your site if you didn't want anybody to see it. For many websites, another primary goal is to make money. If your website is to promote your business or allow your cust...

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How Do You Measure Success?
Posted by on July 12, 2016 in Business, Content, GMB Local SEO, Marketing, SEO

When it comes to effective web design, when it comes down to it search engine optimization (SEO) is really all about getting as many eyeballs as possible on your web pages.   SEO involves tweaking and modifying your website so that it can be found by as many people as possible. While ther...

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Formal Writing Helps Get More Readers
Posted by on June 2, 2016 in Content, SEO

The content you post on your business website, blog or even on your social media account says a lot about your business. For some prospective customers, it could be the first time they encounter your business. So if they find content that is poorly written, rife with mistakes, offensive or just ...

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