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Most projects get stalled for lack of content. It is always great when our clients send their own material. Nobody knows their business and industry better than the owners; however, if you think you will not have the time. we can help you creating great content.

  • We will call you to better learn about your business. You will provide us with 4 competitors that have similar services and content you would approve on your site.
  • We will rewrite the content based on the pages you choose. We will create unique content based on the samples given.
  • Content will be submitted for 2 rounds of revisions and when approved, it will be used on the design phase.
  • Projects needs one extra week if content is developed by our team.

Brand Story Telling, Copywriting & Content Architecture

Content writing will always be relevant to your website. It will help boost your web presence, especially if you follow the SEO guidelines.  There is nothing that can take its place in terms of relevancy and performance;  your business will be hard pressed to follow the right direction towards success.  With SEO working in favor of your web content, your website will find itself where it should be, on page one.

Even more important than being on page one, is to promote your brand through storytelling.

Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to bring life into your brand. It is often called one of the main components of a content marketing approach. This gives your products and services an identity by capturing and sharing your stories, you can take your target audience on a journey they yearn to experience. In order for consumers to form a personal connection with your brand, company stories must be authentic, creative and inspirational.

How will the customers know that the product you’re selling is the one that they need without the articles that will extol them? Another aim of the article is to explain your product’s relevance to the buying public. What are its advantages over the other products with the same usage? Is it more effective, is it safer, is the price cheaper, what are the ingredients and the proof that it really works?  The article or web content is highly responsible in selling the product once the customers have settled down in your website.  Your timely and fresh web contents will help the customer decide when buying your products. What else is there without the web content? Nothing!

The article writer is also responsible for making your web content and keywords work together. You know that your product’s success will depend on how the keywords are used, how many times they are used, and where they are used. The keywords are usually placed in the first paragraph and they are interspersed in the web content and again, they should be included in the last paragraph.
Relevant, well written content is king; it is one of the major features of a top ranking website. A competitive search engine optimization strategy will not fail to recognize this important factor. On the World Wide Web, Lytron copywriters write to satisfy both the online consumers and the search engine crawlers. Lytron copywriters will write unique web content that is pertinent to your industry, making your company an authority to both spiders and consumers. As a result, your site will be in the best position to reach and turn qualified consumer traffic into the best possible conversion rates and ultimately, increase the number of sales.

Web Content for Consumers

Typically, consumers scan a page for relevant information. Less than 15% of them read the entire page and 85% of them exit the website within a minute if they don’t find what they are looking for; therefore, Lytron will provide consumer friendly pages with:

  • Valuable keyword-rich text
  • Informative, concise and easy to read text
  • Eye catching, interesting headings


Web Content for Search Engine Spiders

The search engine mission is to provide online users with relevant results for specific, contextual keyword searches. Spiders (computer programs) are dispatched to crawl web pages. They evaluate them according to the current algorithm. If the pages meet their specifications, they are then, indexed and ranked; consequently, Lytron will provide search engine friendly pages with:

  • Appropriately themed pages
  • Pages that have acquired authority as a result of their relevance and high value
  • Pages with proper keyword density
  • Detailed paragraphs that are organized with well written, original content
  • Pages whose number of keywords are viewed favorably by the search engines; ie: not too many, not too few.


Homepage Content

Lytron copywriters will provide fresh, unique, newsworthy content for your website on a regular basis; as a result, it will be:

  • Updated and cached by the engines
  • Viewed and indexed by the search engines frequently


Lytron Content Writing Process

Your Lytron copywriter will call you to discuss your company profile, your competitors, your target audience, your message, your marketing goals and so on. With a keyword assignment in hand, your copywriter will compose an article tailored to your company. Its content is written with industry language that markets directly to your target audience, a language that calls your audience to act in the manner that is most appropriate for your type of website.

Your Lytron copywriter will maintain open communication with you throughout the process and then, will send you a rough draft for your review. A follow up call will dictate what appropriate revisions need to be made. The final version is then submitted to either the client; or, to the project manager for the upload to the site.

At Lytron we can create your content and tell your brand story! Contact us!

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