Brand Development Process


Phase 1

From Day 1 – 7:
CLIENT: Contract + Startup Briefing

From Day 7 – 10:
Brainstorming with Designers – help identify your key target audience, perceptions of current brand name and identity, current market position, customer decision-making factors

and more. At the end of this session, we will have collected key internal perceptions that will shape your brand identity.

From Day 10 – 20:
Extensive Market Research, Briefing, SWOT & Competitive Analysis, Archetype analysis & initial concept designs .


Phase 2

From Day 20 – 30:
Logo Design: We prepare twenty different creative directions for you to evaluate, along with the research profile, so you can better understand your choices.

From Day 30 – 37:
Rounds of Revisions / Choice of Logo

Conceptual Development

Phase 3

From Day 37 – 44:
Story / Conceptual Development + 2 Taglines options + 10 Choice of Pictures

After you’ve selected your creative direction, we develop a message / story to facilitate brand roll‐out in all your communications materials. We can collaborate with you to prioritize implementation of your brand in your corporate communications, deliver brand compliant designs for various vehicles or take on creation of any or all of your communications
materials (additional fees apply).
From Day 44– 47:
3rd CLIENT FEEDBACK: Rounds of Revisions / Choice of Tagline


Phase 4
From Day 47– 57:
Brand Manual & Guidelines + 5 Web Banners based on conceptual development
From Day 57– 60:

Rounds of Revisions on the Web Banners and Messages + Final Approval

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