Blog Post Comments from Bots Aim to Artificially Boost Rankings

Most blogging platforms offer the opportunity for readers to post comments. This ability helps makes blogging more interactive than other forms of content creation because readers can actually hold an only dialogue with the blog’s author.

But sometimes comments left on blog posts┬ácan seem nonsensical, unrelated to the content in any way, or just plain bizarre. In many instances, these comments were usually posted by “bots”, automated content generators that are aimed at creating as many links as possible to another website, blog post, or link.

Web Design Fort Lauderdale —┬áThe Theory Behind Bots

Search engines use a lot of criteria to determine which results are presented when users enter specific keywords. One of the things Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others want to see are lots of links to other places on the web.

The theory behind this is that if a website has a lot of linkbacks, then it must be popular. So the search engine algorithm interprets this to mean that its users probably will also find that website helpful.

The creators of bots that leave automated comments on blogs are trying to fool the algorithms into thinking that the site they link back to is really popular so that it can get ranked at the top of the search engine results page.

Web Design Fort Lauderdale — Blocking the Bots

The problem is that if the linkback website actually was genuinely useful and popular, it probably wouldn’t need to use auto-generated blog commenting software to create artificial links in the first place. Too often, bot-created comments link back to websites that contain malware, scams, promote specific products, or other places the original blog creator doesn’t want to inadvertently direct their readers.

Fortunately, most blogging platforms offer the ability to allow or block individual comments. So when bots post comments that have nothing to do with the original blog, the creator can block them.

If your blog receives comments that are obviously bot-generated, the best response is to simply block them so they don’t appear on your feed.




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