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All projects are made using a dynamic system, where the customer can edit the web content without any knowledge. We may use Flash design on headers to make sure the visual will have a high end look.

Our goal is to have beauty and functionality, to attract customers but also keep them, to use contrast in styles and colors and bring balance to the whole concept.

We offer many great solutions that will help you grow your business:

  1. Web Portal
  2. E-commerce Shopping Cart
  3. Web Blog
  4. Photo Gallery
  5. Pool System
  6. Message Wall
  8. Podcast
  9. Videocast
  10. RSS Feeds
  11. Social Media Integration
  12. News System
  13. Store Locator

More Features

Difference between web design and web development:

Web design focuses around the look and feel of the interface – the colours chosen, where what text is placed etc, right down to deciding wheather a menu should be fully displayed or require the user to click or hover their mouse over another piece of text to be displayed. In technical speak, web designers deal with “non-functional requirements”.

Web developers on the other hand deal with writing the functional code: how to process the data sent by the client, how to get the menu to work once it has been decided that the menu should be able to appear/disappear, managing entries in databases, etc. These are “functional requirements” which can be outlined by writing down a step by step process.

In this much, designers will deal more with what the user will see and why they should see it in that way, while developers will decide how the presentation will be achieved computationally, and how the appropriate data will be selected for presentation.

It is evident that one can’t do without the other, which is why the roles are blurred, but you can tell the absence of developer ability when the pages are more often static and heavy, while a lack of designer ability is betrayed by poor aesthetic presentation. In companies, people tend to specialize in one of the roles and work together to achieve the final product.

We do both for you! We will design and develop your site to better assist and give you real results: a beautiful and professional look with practical tools for your everyday use.

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Check our work! Our goal is to give you the best marketing results with the most beautiful design. We have worked on a variety of projects ranging from low budget projects to high end systems. Choose one of our pre-configured packages or allow us to customize one based on your specifications. Start with a website design and expand to a complete marketing solution. Let's GROW!

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At Lytron, we not only meet - but exceed - expectations. Your complete satisfaction is our top priority. Our expert staff of dedicated, knowledgeable, and friendly personnel will be happy to assist you. And if you're pleased with the service we provide, testimonials and recommendations are always appreciated. We consider your referral the ultimate compliment. Click here to view our web design packages


Special thanks to Guilherme, Rachel and Robson!

Oct 03, 2014 by Love Marble Stone Restoration

I want to thank you for your time and dedication on my new website. I\'m very happy with the work.You guys are awesome. I have had such a great experience with everything with Lytron.
Special thanks to Guilherme, Rachel and Robson!

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