How Valuable Is Social Media Really? [Chartoon]

Social Media Chart

Last month, our good friends over a Marketing Pilgrim wrote an interesting post titled “Under 1% of Web Visits Come from Social Media.” With that kind of a headline, we had to dig a little deeper. While social media can be hard to measure, we are big believers in it’s imact on a good inbound marketing strategy. (If you want to learn more about how to measure social media, check out the Science of Analytics webinar this Thursday.)

We took a look at the results of our 4500 customers during the month of April, and let Mythy the Unicorn and Takeaway Tim dive in.  Let’s see what they have to say about whether social media is useless when it comes to getting visitors and leads.

Mythy The Unicorn VS Social Media


Source: HubSpot Blog

More Social Media Information

You can read more about social media inside our social media blog.

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