Outlook Setup

Outlook Setup

1- Open Outlook Express

2- Click in Tools

3- Click in Accounts

4- Click in [Mail] and then [Add]:

5- Type your e-mail address and click in next:

6- Type your e-mail address once more and click in next:

7- Type your POP3 and SMTP (mail.yourcompany.com) and click in [NEXT]:

8- Type your e-mail again and then your password:

9- Click in [NEXT] and [FINISH].

10- Now that you finish it, click once more in Tools (Repeat step 2)

11- Click in [MAIL], select the e-mail that you just created, and click in [PROPERTIES]

12- Click in the tab [SERVERS]

13- Click in “My server requires authentification” and then in Settings:

14- Click in [OK], [OK] and [CLOSE].
15- Now, you can receive and send e-mails through your Outlook Express!

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