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*Marketplace Syncing Module is not included on the Xpress Ecommerce Package. Request a Custom E-Commerce or Add the Feature as an Add On. Contact our Consultants for more information.


How much would you invest to start a retail store?
How much would you pay to keep it active?

An online store requires a low budget investment. It stays 24/7 opened and brings worldwide customers. You  don’t need employees to start, no utilities, no rent, no supplies, no signs, no permits, you don’t need a big space: just a computer with internet access.

Some of the features you can add to your shopping system:

  • Images: Multiple images for your product
  • Zoom: Magnify the images to better visualization
  • Wishlist: Let your customers choose items for the future
  • Product Inquiry: Allow your customers to ask for more info before buying
  • Comparing: Compare Products and choose the best fit
  • Color, Size, Variable Products: Sell products in different variations, such as color, size or anything else that makes sense to your items.
  • Digital Downloads: Sell ebooks, digital photography, music, design templates or any other downloadable products.
  • Customer Reviews: Add more value to your store items by engaging user into reviewing them for better social validation.
  • Pages Description: Detail page of the product with related products, ratings and description tab
  • Collect Payments: PayPal, Credit Cards, Checks, Cash on Delivery. These are the built-in payment methods but you?re not limited to the ones listed above.
  • Sell Anywhere – Your Language, Your Currency: Calculate Shipping Fees and Collect taxes on the go for each order.
  • Manage Inventories, Get Business Insights with Reports: Keep up with the store performance using the built-in reports. Track Orders, Customer and Stock.
  • Portfolio Gallery – Showcase Your Work: Showcase your design work, a lookbook or a product catalog using the built-in Portfolio functionality.
  • Social Sharing: Share your produtcs
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Exclusions: Our policy follows Google's guidelines

Lytron restricts the creation and promotion of all types of adult-oriented content, including:

  • online and offline adult entertainment
  • adult merchandise
  • dating services
  • international bride services
  • sexually suggestive content
  • images containing exposed skin and nudity
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