How to Make Employees Love Working at Your Business

aartHappy employees are more productive employees. They work harder, make fewer mistakes, and contribute more to your business’s bottom line.

Keeping employees happy also increase job satisfaction and workplace morale. And that enthusiasm about working for your business can be infectious, making its way to customer interactions and building your business’s reputation in the community and beyond.

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You might think that the best way to make workers happier would simply be to pay them more money. But offering competitive compensation is only a tiny part of a larger snapshot of worker happiness.

Equally, if not more, important is for team members to feel as if they are making genuine contributions to the success of the organization. When people think what they do matters, they are more likely to take satisfaction from their work.

Conversely, creating a culture in which worker’s contributions are ignored, minimized, or even discouraged is a great way to increase turnover, along with the cost of rehiring and training their replacements.

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Some tech companies have discovered that if they provide unexpected, yet appreciated, small benefits that actually make their workers’ lives better, they can build the trust and loyalty bonds that are so critical to any organization’s success.

Consider offering your workers simple concierge services, such as in-office massages, free car washes, picking up and dropping off their dry cleaning, and other simple and inexpensive things that promote creative thought and free up more productive time.

Or use your bargaining skills to negotiate discounts for your workers at local businesses, such as gyms, restaurants, or theaters. Every time they use that discount, their loyalty to your business will be reinforced. Plus, it costs your company nothing or next to nothing to offer it to your workers.

When you value your people, your people will add to the value of your business.




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