Intended Audience Determines Social Media Platform to Use

world-connectedIn a little more than a decade, social media has grown from being a niche marketing platform to one of the most important ways for businesses to connect with customers.

It’s almost hard to believe that Facebook was only created in 2005 when Mark Zuckerberg and some of his Harvard classmates developed it as a way to meet girls.

Today, there are dozens of popular social media platforms. And the one you choose to promote your business, products, services, or brand is often determined by what type of customer you are trying to attract.

Web Design Florida — Young Markets and Older Markets

Targeting a younger audience requires a different social media marketing strategy than aiming at an older crowd.

Today, people younger than 25 might not even have an email address. And if they do, they may rarely look at it. So an email campaign aimed at a younger target audience is unlikely to gain much traction.

To attract younger customers, your business would benefit more by utilizing social media platforms that young people actually use, such as Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter.

Web Design Florida — Capturing a More Mature Market

Ironically, even though Facebook is a relatively young marketing platform, it is more likely to be used by an older crowd. While most young people likely have a Facebook account, they are far less likely to look at it than older adults.

Moms, dads, grandmas, and grandpas are Facebook’s primary users. And why not? It provides the perfect platform for keeping in touch with friends, family, former work associates, ex-neighbors, and others.

That makes Facebook a more effective platform for businesses seeking to connect with homeowners, retirees, and older adults.

The social media platform your business uses to connect with customers depends on what type of target audience you want to reach.




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