Give Visitors a Reason to Stay on Your Page

Getting ranked high in the Search Engine Results Pages for your website’s keywords is the top priority of most web page designers.

But being Number One doesn’t do any good if people click off your page as soon as they arrive there. In order for a website to be successful, page visitors actually have to stay on your website. And the best way to do that is to give them a reason to stay.

Web Design Florida — Click On, Click Off

Having a search engine optimized website is important for any online business. After all, it’s the way prospective customers find your business’s web page. But finding your page is only half the battle.

Once people find your page, you have to give them a reason to stay. If they immediately click off, there may be some value to your SERP ranking, but that’s only a secondary benefit your business. What you really want is for visitors to stay on your web page for as long as possible. Or at least long enough to actually spend some money.

Web Design Florida — Good Design, High-Value Content

There are two main reasons why people will stay on your website. The first is that they like what they see. This requires clean web design that is interesting, compelling, and enjoyable.

The second is high-value content. When visitors arrive on your web page, you have to give them something that they genuinely want or actually can use.

This may be an entertaining video, some useful information, or great products and services that your business offers. But it’s not enough to just present your content to visitors. You also have to “sell” it to them.

Show why your business is better than your competitors and what benefits visitors have to choose you over everybody else.




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