Despite New Algorithm, Keywords Remain Important

SEO Fort LauderdaleSearch engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and others are constantly updating the algorithms they use to rank websites. These highly complicated, top-secret software programs control which web content lands at the top of the search engine results page and which ones are on subsequent pages.

Landing on the first page of Google has many advantages. It can bring you thousands or even millions of new page visitors. And if you run a commercial website, that can have enormous financial benefits. As a result, many of the biggest companies today have entire teams of IT people devoted to boosting their web page rankings.

SEO Fort Lauderdale — The Importance of Keywords

The companies that run the most popular search engines know this. So they are constantly changing and manipulating their software so that it’s practically impossible to “jailbreak”. Weight is given to a variety of elements within page content so that Google and other search engines provide their visitors with the most helpful and useful content.

But one thing that remains constant, and will always remain critical to your web content, is the keywords you use to identify your web page for both search engines and end users. Keywords tell computers and people alike what your web page is about and why it should be viewed. So regardless of how many times Google changes its search engine algorithm, as long as you have the right keywords in the right places, your page ranking should be at least better than competing pages that don’t have the right keywords in the best places.

SEO Fort Lauderdale — Choosing the Best Keywords

There are companies that will charge you a fortune to help you find the best keywords to describe your content. In some instances, if this investment provides financial benefits, then it may be worth it.

For smaller businesses, however, choosing keywords doesn’t have to be complicated. Simply think about what your customers would type into Google to find businesses like yours and then use those.

Search engine algorithms are forever changing. But keywords are always going to be important.




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